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Research on semantic search aims to improve conventional information search and retrieval methods, and facilitate information acquisition, processing, storage and retrieval on the semantic web. The past ten years have seen a number of implemented semantic search systems and various proposed frameworks. A comprehensive survey is needed to gain an overall(More)
Reconfigurable robotic systems are made from a large number of independent modules that can be used to form various robot shapes. As a result, the robots have the capability to adopt optimized configurations to suit different tasks and environments. The object of this research work is to build a mobile robot for rough terrain. In this paper, we developed a(More)
To effectively realize the image feature matching for geomorphic reverse measurement and rebuilding, a new matching scheme is presented, where the SIFT method are adopted to implement initial geomorphic image matching by going through five stages: scale-space construction, scale-space extrema detection, orientation assignment, keypoint descriptor and(More)
Polychlorinated diphenyl ethers (PCDEs) are a group of important persistent organic pollutants. In the present study, geometrical optimization and electrostatic potential calculations have been performed for all 209 PCDE congeners at the HF/6-31G(*) level of theory. A number of statistically-based parameters have been obtained. Linear relationships between(More)
A new color image encryption algorithm based on hyper chaos is proposed in this paper. Four chaotic sequences are generated from a 4D hyper chaos. The R, G, B channels of plain image are firstly encrypted respectively according to the former three sequences with intercross cipher-block chaining mode; then the encrypted image is permuted by choosing(More)
This paper presents a hybrid method using machine learning approach for named entity recognition (NER). A system built based on this method is able to achieve reasonable performance with minimal training data and gazetteers. The hybrid machine learning approach differs from previous machine learning-based systems in that it uses maximum entropy model (MEM)(More)
BACKGROUND MiRNA-21 was previously reported to be up-regulated in many kinds of cancer. In the present study, we want to investigate the potential role of miRNA-21 in non-small cell lung cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Expression of miRNA-21 was detected in 60 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) samples and adjacent histologically normal tissue using(More)
Map building and pose tracking are central tasks ter an autttaewotls mobile robot's navigation. The intention of this paper is to introduce our research in mobile robot indoor map building and pose tracking using laser range finder. The line feature extraction methods, which include improved angle histograms algorithm and weighted least square fitting, are(More)
Fiber-optic dispersion and its effect on optical transmission system are analyzed. The most commonly used dispersion compensation fiber (DCF) technology is studied in this article. Three schemes (pre-compensation, post-compensation, mix-compensation of dispersion compensation) of dispersion compensation with DCF are proposed. The simulation model of the WDM(More)
This paper introduces a practical teleoperated manipulator under nuclear radioactive environments. The system, called RoboSource herein, is designed to perform the leak detection of sealed gamma and neutron radioactive sources used for oil well logging in oilfields. RoboSource includes two stations connected via RS-485 and with a distance of up to 1.2 Km.(More)