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Activation of peroxymonosulfate by Fe78Si9B13 metallic glass: The influence of crystallization
Abstract Exploring functional applications as heterogeneous catalysts is an active topic for metallic glasses (MGs). Although recent advances have shown that the MGs with disordered atomic packingExpand
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Effect of polymer polarity on the positronium formation
Positron annihilation lifetime spectra have been measured on styrene–methyl methacrylate, styrene–acrylonitrile, and styrene–butyl methacrylate copolymers. The results show that the longest lifetimeExpand
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Effect of microstructure on the corrosion resistance of coatings by extreme high speed laser cladding
Abstract The corrosion resistance of 431 stainless coatings produced by a novel surface modification technology (EHLA) was analyzed. As the cladding speed increased, the dendrites became more refinedExpand
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Abnormal resistivity and viscosity behavior in Sb-rich Pb–Sb melts
Abstract Electrical resistivity and viscosity of Pb–Sb alloys are measured to investigate Peierls distortion behavior in the melts. In Pb 30 Sb 70 , Pb 20 Sb 80 , and Pb 10 Sb 90 melts, temperatureExpand
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A highly sensitive fluorescence-enhanced aptasensor based on polyAn-aptamer nanostructure
Abstract According to the principle of metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF), a localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) based method was used to develop a highly sensitive fluorescent aptasensor forExpand
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Functionalization of reclaimed polyethylene with maleic anhydride and its application in improving the high temperature stability of asphalt mixtures
Abstract A process to improve the properties of reclaimed polyethylene (RPE) polymer modified asphalt mixture by grafting of maleic anhydride (MAH) onto RPE (RPE-g-MAH) in the presence of dicumylExpand
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Re-evaluation of BioSampler and its improvement for on-line, time-resolved monitoring of environmental coarse aerosol
Abstract BioSampler is now being widely used for bioaerosol sampling. However, the sampling efficiency in wide size range especially for nanoparticles as well as the size-dependent retentionExpand
High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of SIMP Steel and T91 Steel at 800
Oxidation behavior of two ferrite/martensite(F/M) steels, namely a novel 9%-12% Cr modified F/M steel(SIMP steel) and a commercial T91 steel were comparatively studied in air at 800 oC. The oxideExpand