Wang Wang

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Conceptual modeling, deciding what to include in the model, is a very important task in the modeling process. However, it has so far received relatively little attention in the literature and there is a lack of empirical data. This paper describes three empirical studies on conceptual modeling and the modeling process. In the first one, data on the time(More)
Data in the literature imply that the relationship between exposure and bio-effect involves more than a simple time integral of the field strength to which the living system has been subjected. Windows--ranges in which the system exhibits enhanced sensitivity--have been reported for power (or field strength), frequency, and the duration of the exposure. In(More)
BACKGROUND Heavy metal pollution in the sediment of the Yellow River draws wide attention in the recent years. The Yellow River Wetland Nature Reserve of Zhengzhou is one of the major wetlands of the river and located at the beginning of the lower reach. In this article, we aimed to investigate the degree and the sources of the metal pollution in the(More)
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