Wang Tao

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The supersaturatable self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (S-SMEDDS) represents a new thermodynamically stable formulation approach wherein it is designed to contain a reduced amount of surfactant and a water-soluble polymer (precipitation inhibitor or supersaturated promoter) to prevent precipitation of the drug by generating and maintaining a(More)
Keywords: e-Payment systems (EPS) EPS use Electronic commerce Security Trust a b s t r a c t It is commonly believed that good security improves trust, and that the perceptions of good security and trust will ultimately increase the use of electronic commerce. In fact, customers' perceptions of the security of e-payment systems have become a major factor in(More)
The previous I-cache timing attacks on RSA which exploit the instruction path of a cipher were mostly proof-of-concept, and it is harder to put them into practice than D-cache timing attacks. We propose a new trace driven timing attack model based on spying on the whole I-cache. An improved analysis algorithm of the exponent using the characteristic of the(More)
— LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is widely used in forestry applications to obtain information about tree density, composition, change, etc. An advantage of LIDAR is its ability to get this information in a 3D structure. However, the density of LIDAR data is low, the acquisition of LIDAR data is often very expensive, and it is difficult to be utilised(More)
Interflow related nitrogen (N) loss from hillslope cropland is a global issue of concern. Field experiments were carried out in purple soil to study how to reduce interflow related N loss by substituting organic fertilizers for mineral fertilizers. Study conditions were engineered where identical amounts of N were applied to four different fertilization(More)
In the title compoud, [Cd(C(12)H(8)N(2))(3)](C(16)H(8)N(2)O(8))·0.5C(16)H(10)N(2)O(8)·CH(3)OH, the Cd(II) atom has a distorted octa-hedral coordination formed by six N atoms from three separate phenanthroline ligands. One of the 4,4'-diazenediyldiphthalic acid mol-ecules is arranged around an inversion center and possesses two -COOH groups, while the other(More)