Wang Shuangqing

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This paper gives a detailed description of a new design of fieldbus based distributed computer control system. The main features of the control system are the thoroughly distributed architecture, the intelligent field mounted control modules, and the two level data communication networks. The field control models composed of an embedded controller can be(More)
In the field of weak signal detection, traditional ways have difficulties in extracting characteristic line-spectrum from low signal-to-noise (SNR) signal. In order to solve the problem, on the basis of the adiabatic elimination stochastic resonance (SR) in small parameters, a new method of detecting line-spectrum based on auto-correlation with stochastic(More)
Since threshold value of Harris algorithm can only be set by human by virtue of experience and corner point cannot be effectively extracted in different image contrast areas, this text proposes a new self-adaption improved algorithm. Firstly, image pixels will be screened by Sudoku method; then, partial mean square error of the screened pixels will be(More)
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