Wang-Rong Chang

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–WiMAX and WiFi have emerged as promising broadband access solutions for the latest generation of wireless MANs and LANs, respectively. Their complementary features enable the use of WiMAX as a backhaul service to connect multiple dispersed WiFi hotspots to the Internet. This study proposes an integrated architecture utilizing a novel WiMAX/WiFi Access(More)
—This study investigates the fairness control and collision avoidance issues of a particular WDM dual-ring network known as the FT 2-TR 2 system. This system is an extended version of the original unidirectional FT-TR ring architecture, in which every node is equipped with a fixed-tuned transmitter and a tunable receiver on each ring. We propose a novel(More)
In wireless sensor networks (WSN), one of the important applications is object tracking. WSN is expected to provide the location of the detected object, and the real time location report. The sensors detecting the object need to transmit the sensing data and identification. In this paper, we propose to develop an energy efficient mobile data collector based(More)
—Although EPONs have been proposed as a means of overcoming the bandwidth bottleneck problem in local access networks, they may not be able to meet the ever-growing bandwidth demand from users in the near future. Accordingly, this study presents what we believe to be a novel wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) Ethernet passive optical network (EPON)(More)