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In order to improve the accuracy of data preprocessing in Web log mining, the basic procedure of data preprocessing is introduced firstly in this paper. Then the traditional session identification algorithm is fully analyzed, on the basis of which, a session identification algorithm based on dynamic timeout is presented. At the beginning of the algorithm,(More)
To obtain a better capacity of clustered web servers, a load balancing algorithm is presented in this paper based on dual-load prediction, using the different characteristics of web server users' requests for static and dynamic content. First, wavelet packet-SVR (Support Vector Regression) prediction model is constructed; then, the arriving assignments are(More)
According to actual characteristics of peak accessing and transaction processing of Beijing Olympic Games ticketing service, a platform framework with dynamic load balancing and multi-channel accessing is put forward. It can meet the demands of real-time processing and reliability while on systemic peak value. It can also lay a solid foundation for(More)
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