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Diagnosis and Treatment Analyses of Severe Diffuse Axonal Injury
The lower the GCS value and the longer the persistent time of coma, the poorer the prognosis and the higher rate of mortality,diability. Expand
Finite Element Analysis of Semi-Rigid Steel Joints with Extended End-Plate
Calculations of semi-rigid steel joints with the extended end-plate are carried out with a FE-program ANSYS.Some results of the calculations are introduced.The influences of the difference of theExpand
Determination of the Specified Impurity 2,3-Cyclopentenopyridine and Related Substances in Cefpirome Sulfate with HPLC
Objective To determine the specified impurity 2,3-cyclopentenopyridine and related substances in cefpirome sulfate with HPLC. Methods A SHIMADZU Shim-pack VP-ODS(4.6 mm×150 mm,5μm) served as theExpand
Finite element analysis of end-plated semi-rigid composite joints
Calculations of semi-rigid composite joints with end-plates are carried out with a FE-program ANSYS.Some results of the calculations are introduced in this paper.The influences of the total area ofExpand
HPLC Determination of Rotundine in Rotundine Sulfate Injection
To establish a method for determination of rotundine in rotundine sulfate injection.Meth- od::The column:Diamonsil C_(18) column (250mm×4.6mm,5μm).The mobile phase:acetonitrile -0.025 mol· L~(-1)Expand
The Features of the Suffix r in the Chenxu Branch of Xiang Dialect
This paper attempts to find out the features of the suffix r in the Chenxu branch of Xiang dialect by analyzing the main types of words with suffix r and their functions, with the focus on the structure of quantifiers and verbs with the prefix r. Expand