Wang Qing

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To deal with the problem of premature convergence and slow search speed, this paper proposes a novel particle swarm optimization (PSO) called self-adaptive escape PSO, which is guaranteed to converge to the global optimization solution with probability one. Considering that the organisms have the phenomena of escaping from the original cradle when they find(More)
Software cost estimation has played an important role in software development since its emergence in 1960's. Based on a classification of algorithmic model based methods, non-algorithmic model based methods and composite methods, the typical software cost estimation methods in history are overall reviewed. The issue of software sizing, which is closely(More)
active measurement model for software process control and improvement. Abstract: This paper presents an active measurement model (AMM) for software process control and improvement, and the related measurement method. AMM formally describes the goal, feature, and indicator of software process, and their relationship. AMM also provides some principles,(More)
To evaluate the feasibility and advantages of constructing a novel tissue engineering bone, using β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and rat adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs), modified with BMP2 and BMP7 by lentivirus. In the present study, ADSCs transfected with Lv-BMP2 and Lv-BMP7, alone or together, were seeded on β-TCP scaffold and cultured in vitro. Based(More)
based software process control and improvement model. Abstract: CMM/CMMI (capability maturity model/CMM integration) has been accepted since 1999 by Chinese software organizations, and widely used since then. But there are limited number of CMM/CMMI users in China. By launching a survey, problems of using CMM/CMMI are identified, and the negative impact is(More)
A recent effort to control urban freeway network and alleviate congestion is using graphical route information panels (GRIPs). This paper first introduces function and location of GRIPs for the urban freeway network in Shanghai, China. Second, it deals with the information display method of GRIP; Then, it proposes a macroscopic traffic flow model based(More)
Computer network in work and life bring convenience for people at the same time, also inevitable has brought some safe hidden trouble. To bring the positive role of efficient use of computer network, you need to effectively safeguard the security of computer network information. This article mainly analyzes the present situation of computer network security(More)
The software is an important part of the computer. With the widespread application of computer, software development is toward large-scale, standardization and wide generalization direction. In order to improve present situation and problems of software development, a novelty software design method is provided in this paper based on hierarchical technology,(More)