Wang Qing

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Software cost estimation has played an important role in software development since its emergence in 1960's. Based on a classification of algorithmic model based methods, non-algorithmic model based methods and composite methods, the typical software cost estimation methods in history are overall reviewed. The issue of software sizing, which is closely(More)
active measurement model for software process control and improvement. Abstract: This paper presents an active measurement model (AMM) for software process control and improvement, and the related measurement method. AMM formally describes the goal, feature, and indicator of software process, and their relationship. AMM also provides some principles,(More)
To evaluate the feasibility and advantages of constructing a novel tissue engineering bone, using β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and rat adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs), modified with BMP2 and BMP7 by lentivirus. In the present study, ADSCs transfected with Lv-BMP2 and Lv-BMP7, alone or together, were seeded on β-TCP scaffold and cultured in vitro. Based(More)
based software process control and improvement model. Abstract: CMM/CMMI (capability maturity model/CMM integration) has been accepted since 1999 by Chinese software organizations, and widely used since then. But there are limited number of CMM/CMMI users in China. By launching a survey, problems of using CMM/CMMI are identified, and the negative impact is(More)
In the premise of introducing existing seven kinds of commonly used robot architectures at home and abroad and analyzing their strengths, weaknesses as well as applications, this paper shows the CPS-R architecture which is applied in the internal of robots to solve the problem in unknown dynamic environment and deeply compliant operation in detail where the(More)
Oil-immersed shunt reactor as a high voltage power grid in the means of reactive power compensation is now essential for power system; it directly affects the health of the entire power grid safety and stable operation. Bayesian network based on its solid mathematical theory, knowledge representation and reasoning effective in dealing with the issue of(More)
Liaoning province, as the earliest industrial base in China, has been the major heavy industry center since the founding of the country and thus its economic development highly relies on energy utilization. Now confronted with the approaching exhausting of primary energy, the economic development of Liaoning province faces its bottleneck. With statistical(More)
Based on ecological footprint and material flow analysis indicators, a model has been developed to reflect the aggregate environmental pressure and the carrying capacity of a regional economy. The model was applied to calculate the environmental pressure and carrying capacity of Shenyang in the period of 1991–2005. Results show that, of the total(More)