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The technology of detecting the edge of lateral vehicle by Sobel algorithm based on FPGA in vehicle collision avoidance system (VCAS) is proposed in this paper. In general, Sobel operator is an image edge detector, which is realized by programming and implemented on the microprocessor. To simplify the complex structure of the VCAS and decrease the(More)
The IIR filter design under the mixed-criterion of H/sub 2/ norm and /spl infin/ norm is proposed in this paper, and genetic algorithms (GA) is introduced to realize the filter design based on such criterion. By this approach, the disadvantage of other conventional methods is avoided and the satisfied performance of the designed filter is obtained. The(More)
Discrete features play an important role in data mining. How to best discretize continuous features has always been a NP-hard problem. This paper introduces diverse taxonomies in the existing literature to classify discretization methods, as well as idea and drawbacks of some typical methods. Furthermore, a comparison of these methods is studied. It's(More)
A recent effort to control urban freeway network and alleviate congestion is using graphical route information panels (GRIPs). This paper first introduces function and location of GRIPs for the urban freeway network in Shanghai, China. Second, it deals with the information display method of GRIP; Then, it proposes a macroscopic traffic flow model based(More)
This paper uses the ecological footprint model to make comparison of the eco-efficiency of arable land ecological footprint in different years in Hubei Province, and makes comparison of that in Hubei and some countries. The results indicate that, since 1965, the eco-efficiency of arable land ecological footprint in Hubei has been improved year by year.(More)
To deal with the problem of premature convergence and slow search speed, this paper proposes a novel particle swarm optimization (PSO) called self-adaptive escape PSO, which is guaranteed to converge to the global optimization solution with probability one. Considering that the organisms have the phenomena of escaping from the original cradle when they find(More)
To the Editor: We congratulate the authors on their study associating obesity, ie body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 kg/m, with an increased risk of kidney stone disease. What is more, the magnitude of this risk appears to be stable in the morbidly obese population. However, we found that some questions remain. First, this study only showed mean age in(More)
  • Wang Qing, ZHOU Jun-Mei, WU Hong-Wei, XIAO Jian-Chang, ZHOU Ao-Ying
  • 2003
Many methods for mapping XML to relations have been proposed without considering the semantics of XML data before. But the semantics is very important to design schemas for storage, optimize queries, and check update anomalies, etc. In the presence of XML FDs which are specified over DTDs, this paper presents a method based on the hybrid inlining to map XML(More)
This paper presents a novel and efficient algorithm for preventing the block wrongly matching in image inpainting. The proposed technique separates the inpainting process into two different and important steps. First, segment the pre-selected source area, which is called the source region, from the input image. This step can prevent the block wrongly(More)