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Isoetes yunguiensis (Isoetaceae), a New Basic Diploid Quillwort from China
Isoetes yunguiensis, a basic diploid species with a chromosome number of 2n 5 22, is described and illustrated. This species occurs on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in southwest China. It is similar toExpand
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Chromosome numbers of the Chinese Isoetes and their taxonomical significance
Chromosome numbers of four species of Isoetes from China are reported. The basic chromosome number in the four species is x=11. A chromosome number of 2n=22 was reported for the first time in I.Expand
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Reproductive biology and prospects for conservation ofCaldesia parnassifolia (Alismataceae)—A threatened monocot in China
Caldesia parnassi folia (Bassi ex Linn.) Parl. in China has declined in number in recent years and is increasingly faced with the risk of extirpation arising from anthropogenic changes associatedExpand
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The chemical characteristics of shallow groundwater in abandoned cropland on Yutian Oasis in Xinjiang
Two sampling belts are laid in a typical lot on Yutian Oasis,which are almost paralleling.With GPS positioning,13 points are set along the belts to collect samples of groundwater,which were sent toExpand
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A taxonomic investigation of variation withinCissus quadrangularis L. (Vitaceae) in Kenya
Using information from literature as well as records of localities on herbarium specimen labels at the East African Herbarium Nairobi (EA), materials ofCissus quadrangularis L.,C. cactiformis Gilg.Expand
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Pentamerous flowers in the genus Phytolacca have been derived from trimerous flowers-New evidence from the floral organogenesis of Phytolacca dodecandra
The floral organogenesis of Phytolacca dodecandra L′Her. (Phytolaccaceae) has been observed under both scanning electron microscope (SEM) and light microscope. The primordia of the floral appendageExpand
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Study on Undergraduate's Behavior of Clothing Consume in Henan Province
Undergraduate's behavior of clothing consume is studied through questionnaires investigation in Henan Province.According to the research results,this paper summarizes the characteristics ofExpand