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Research on Railway Passenger Train Working Diagram
The railway passenger train working diagram plan urgently needs automatization and intelligentization,which means the diagram,according to market research and passenger flow forecast,resourceExpand
Four basic probleoms of education of mental harmony
Mental harmony is different from mental health.The research of mental harmony lies basically untouched.The education of mental harmony is of significance,and harmonious value renders it possible forExpand
Optimzing performance of Sybase stored procedure
The Cursors was usually used in stored procedure, but if it was replaced the loop block of the cursor with equivalentSQL sentence, the performance of stored procedure would be increased remarkably.Expand
OLE Programming Technology in PowerBuilder Application
The material practice to work with three document objects including Word, Excel and BusinessObjects by three examples was explained and some fact issues about OLE programming were discussed. Expand
The Impact of Different Idioms Presentation to Directed Forgetting
In this paper,the control of the presentation time and quizzes,idioms in both presentation directed forgetting.The results found that four-elect has repeatedly directed forgetting effect recognitionExpand
Study on multi levels application of Sybase temporary table technology
Sybase temporary table used between multiple SQL statements in the stored procedure or SQL batch to transfer data, could be decomposed processes, reduced concurrent pressure to improve query performance, and must good use temporary tables to significantly improve stored procedures and the execution speed. Expand
Optimizing performance of Sybase Database on Railway Ticketing and Reservation System
Optimizing database performance of Railway Ticketing and Reservation System was very important. At SQLServer management level, the methods included: manage memory, lock, engines, device, temporaryExpand
Application of Sybase CIS to Ticketing and Reservation System
It was proposed how to utilize Sybase CIS to implement RPC (Remote Process Call) in TRS (Ticketing andReservation System) in which seat data were distributed. Tables and procedures in remote databaseExpand