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The paper studies the path loss models of the wideband channels at 2.3 GHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz which are released by ITU-R(International Telecommunication Union-Radio communications) for the new generation radio network IMT-Advanced in a typical outdoor suburban environment of Shanghai, China. A channel measurement system for these frequency bands was(More)
Ubiquitous healthcare (u-Healthcare) is an emerging paradigm in the healthcare environment. One of the most promising applications for u-Healthcare is the ubiquitous smart home and smart hospital, health monitoring system. The healthcare technology keeps healthcare executives and managers up-to-date about the latest computer-based solutions for improving(More)
The system which manages and controls the behavior of multi-devices synchronously to realize their synchronous work is defined as networked synchronization control system. In the paper, least squares support vector machine is employed to the networked synchronization control. Then, synchronization control based on least squares support vector machine is(More)
Presented in this paper is a multi-scale analysis for environmental dispersion in a three-layer wetland for predicting the critical length of contaminant cloud that derives from instantaneous emission. The analysis of dependence of the dispersivity on characteristic parameters is determined. Longitudinal concentration distribution centered at the origin of(More)
The objective of the study was to investigate the safety and efficacy of flexible ureteroscopy and holmium laser lithotripsy for the management of patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) and associated nephrolithiasis. Between 2005 and 2010, flexible ureteroscopic stone treatment was attempted in 13 patients with ADPKD. Two(More)
The effects on serum lipids of palm oil (PA) used in Chinese diets were compared with those of soybean oil (SO), peanut oil (PE) and lard (LA) in normocholesterolemic subjects and with that of PE in hypercholesterolemic subjects. Normocholesterolemic subjects [120 men, 18-25 y, total cholesterol (TC) 2.8-5.0 mmol/L] were assigned to four groups to consume(More)
Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is an emerging solution that aims at improving the flexibility, the efficiency and the manageability of networks, by leveraging virtualization and cloud computing technologies to run network appliances in software. Nevertheless, the "notarization" of network functions imposes software reliability concerns on future(More)
A kind of remote monitoring system on heart sound is constructed, which can tele-monitor ECG and PCG. The system integrates embedded internet technology and wireless technology. As it can send ECG and PCG by internet, it realizes real-time recording and monitoring of physiology parameter of patients at low cost and both at home and in hospital, and it also(More)
This paper established the mathematical model of shunt active power filter, combined with the fastness and robustness of sliding mode control, designed a sliding mode controller. Using MATLAB to make simulation, the result indicates that the sliding mode controller can track the reference signals and have good dynamic characteristics.