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A wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) transmission system is developed which integrates current personal digital assistant (PDA) technology and general packet radio service (GPRS) technology. This PDA-based system is comprised of a designed ECG signal acquisition module, a Pocket PC (Legend 5100) and a GPRS communication module. The specific objective of this(More)
The difference between the Chinese and English character recognition process and the characteristics of Chinese character recognition process are investigated by analyzing the ERP difference between the matched and mismatched ending strokes of a single Chinese character. First, the P300 are observed in the mismatched ERP waveforms, which don't exist in the(More)
The nurses do their phlebotomized work or the transfusion for the patients according to their experiences usually. The infrared thermal image display system for the veins location is designed. In the system, a special infrared amplification lens is designed to make the image clear. A gradual approach method for the preponderant signals amplification is(More)
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