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Music information retrieval (MIR) holds great promise as a technology for managing large music archives. One of the key components of MIR that has been actively researched into is music tagging. While significant progress has been achieved, most of the existing systems still adopt a simple classification approach, and apply machine learning classifiers(More)
— Grid is the next generation of Internet, and it has attracted the attentions of research communities recently. In practical applications, the nodes in the grid domain need to transact with other strange nodes to acquire the services provided by those nodes. Recently, trust has been recognized as an important factor for Grid security. And it is important(More)
The construction of charging station is a major component of electric vehicle market operation and the comprehensive evaluation of a location is an important part for the construction of charging station. In this article, on the basis of analyzing the traditional site selection program evaluation method, fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is proposed to(More)
As one part of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System), IRS (Intelligent Road System) focus on improving the road safety and operation efficiency of highway system based on the idea of cooperation between road infrastructure and vehicles. Many IRS applications such as Collision Avoidance, Automatic Lane Changing and others are principally based on the(More)
Water Contaminations bring not only great damage to the ecological balance, but also serious losses to the national economy. The results of existing methods, which are used to calculate Economic Loss of water contaminations, are not able to reflect the problem explicitly. In view of deficiencies of those calculation methods, and on the base of mechanism(More)
The formal publication of the latest brand new generation Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework indicates that this software giant is successful evolving on its plan. This paper introduces the technology based on .NET 3.5 framework and its new features, advocates service oriented architecture to construct and design network application program fast, then provides a(More)
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