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OBJECTIVE To analyse the five-point tuberculosis (TB) strategy, DOTS, 10 years after its implementation in one-half of China's population, and to suggest lessons for future implementation of the DOTS strategy. METHODS We analysed trends in case-finding and treatment outcome over time following implementation of the DOTS strategy in each county, using(More)
This paper proposes a novel parking spaces detection algorithm which is based on image segmentation and local binary pattern. The vehicles are usually contains a lot of compositions, while the vacant parking spaces' composition is relatively small. According to this characteristic, we segment the parking image. To judge whether each parking area has a large(More)
Cre recombinase from bacteriophage P1 is widely used in both in vitro and in vivo DNA manipulations. Based on a structural and functional analysis, three deleted cre mutants were constructed and expressed in Escherichia coli. Mutated recombinases were purified and their recombination activities were determined in vitro. Our results revealed that the mutant(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the cost-effectiveness of a comprehensive programme for drug-resistant tuberculosis launched in four sites in China in 2011. METHODS In 2011-2012, we reviewed the records of 172 patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis who enrolled in the comprehensive programme and we collected relevant administrative data from hospitals and(More)
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