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Considering that the unreasonable facility layout of a production line directly or indirectly leads to low production efficiency is very common in Chinese manufacturing workshops, facility lean layout system of a production line is researched and designed. By analyzing the influencing factors of the facility layout system, optimization objectives and(More)
In this paper, we present how the LTL (Linear Temporal Logic) language can be used to specify security protocols and discuss the analysis process using LTL. To illustrate the feasibility of our approach, we analyse the Needham-Schroeder public-key protocol and reproduce the error found by Gavin Lowe. We also extend LTL and we use LTL of knowledge to reason(More)
This paper focus on modeling classroom behavior dynamics (CBD) in artificial classroom (AC). AC is a case of artificial societies. In more detail, the goal of this paper is to reproduce artificial societypsilas behavior in computation. By extending autonomy oriented computing (AOC) modeling method, we propose the formal ASOC framework for artificial(More)
One of primary challenges in user-defined signal generation is the ability to accommodate a wide variety of possible signal sampling frequency that is restricted by signal waveform storage depth and signal bandwidth. In this paper, signal generation techniques based on Arbitrary Sample Rate Conversion (ASRC) are proposed, which can solve the inconsistency(More)
Heath information exchange (HIE) is the next step of health informatics development in China. Conformed to the administration feature, the design of HIE platform adopts a centralized architecture, which has to accommodate large amount of health information and support various types of query and data retrieval. Cloud computing is a suitable for the(More)
As a policy-based routing protocol, BGP allows each autonomous system choose routing policy locally. Possible policies conflict may result in BGP route oscillating persistently. Current solutions either require additional communication overhead, or limit choosing routing policy freely. In this paper, we propose an adaptive mechanism to guarantee BGP(More)
Regional health information exchange (HIE) is becoming the focus of health information technology in China. According to Chinese administration properties and specific requirements, the HIE adopts a centralized architecture, in which the clinical documents are stored and exchanged in a centralized platform. To integrate all the clinical information of a(More)
Patent as the most important form of innovation output, has become one of the important factors of regional economy development. According to China's traditional economic zoning and the patent classification, our country is divided into eastern, central, western and north-east four regions, patent is divided into invention, utility model and design three(More)