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In plants, transpiration draws the water upward from the roots to the leaves. However, this flow can be blocked by air bubbles in the xylem conduits, which is called xylem embolism. In this research, we present the design of a biomimetic microfluidic pump/valve based on water transpiration and xylem embolism. This micropump/valve is mainly composed of three(More)
It is necessary that in the small-or-medium-size wireless sensor networks, the networking information of network and monitoring data of sensors should be sent to the remote computers through the gateway to achieve remote monitoring for the target area. Wireless sensor network data characterize strong bursts, instability of traffic and small amount of data(More)
Ultrasonic micromotor is a new kind of actuator in the field of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System). It overcomes the problems currently associated with other micromotors such as low torque output , large friction and the need for high voltage excitation. More importantly, it may offer a much simpler mechanism for creating mechanical power output. This(More)
An automatic fabrication system for batch production of plastic microfluidic chips was developed. The fabricated chips can be used for capillary electrophoresis analysis. The processing technique of chip fabrication mainly includes three steps: microchannel fabrication using hot-embossing technique, precise alignment of the chip's substrate and cover,(More)
The application of plastic microfluidic chips can be extended with quartz capillaries connected at the end of their microchannels, e.g. UV absorption detection method can be carried out, which responds to almost 80% chemical compounds in detection. Experiment system for automatic microassembly was developed to carry out the task of joining capillaries to(More)
A Finite Element Method ( F E M ) was apIn order to make the mechanism get the resoluplied to determin critical parameters in the hinges tion of 0. Olpm or less, i ts nature frequence should be based on the needed nature frequence of the micromahigher than 500HzC3'. At that point ,its stiffness must nipulator. In order to explain the design method for be(More)
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