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AIM This paper is a report of a study conducted to test Kanter's organizational empowerment theoretical model specifying the relationships among demographics, structural empowerment, and job satisfaction. BACKGROUND Empowerment has become an increasingly important factor in determining nurses' job satisfaction in current restructured work environments in(More)
A basic problem in wireless network optimization is the inapplicability of the layered structure. This paper examines a cross layer resource allocation algorithm for downlink OFDM system. The tradeoff of fairness and efficiency is well balanced with cross layer interaction by considering the traffic parameter and fairness among users in link layer as well(More)
Most of the QoS guarantee algorithms in wireless OFDM network are confined to a single layer optimization of the network protocol stack, which leads to an inefficient computational performance. In this paper, a novel QoS provision algorithm is proposed. It evolves effective capacity model which captures the effect of channel fading on the queuing behavior(More)
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