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City management platform based on conception of smart city is a public network platform in which internet of things, cloud computing and information intelligent analysis technologies are synthetically applied. Great information resources about city management are conserved in the platform, and some parts of resources are important information related to(More)
The copolymer of poly(L-malic acid-co-D,L-lactic acid) (PML) was synthesized through a direct polycondensation of L-malic acid (MA) and D,L-lactic acid (LA). Then, a new polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) based on the complexation between the copolymer (PML) and chitosan (CS) was prepared. The PEC formed stable nano particles in aqueous solutions with pH 3-5,(More)
In this paper, the finite-time stochastic outer synchronization between two different complex dynamical networks with noise perturbation is investigated. By using suitable controllers, sufficient conditions for finite-time stochastic outer synchronization are derived based on the finite-time stability theory of stochastic differential equations. It is(More)
Because of light scattered by the suspended particles in the atmosphere, photographs taken in the foggy day look gray and lack of visibility. In order to unveil the clear image’s structures and colors, we propose a image defogging algorithm of single color image based on wavelet transform and histogram equalization. Firstly, using histogram equalization to(More)
Traditional security approaches are not sufficient to deal with the protection and survivability of highly distributed information systems operating in unbounded networks. In view of the deficiencies of the essential services’ self-recovering when the survivable system is not available, an efficient self-adjusting reconfiguration framework on system(More)
The randomness and instantaneity of low-voltage DC arc fault make it difficult to be detected by methods in time or frequency domain. This paper proposed a method based on Wavelet Packet analysis which has the localization characteristics to detect low-voltage DC arc fault. And the effectiveness of this method has been proved by the simulation analysis with(More)
Orthomosics and digital surface models (DSM) derived from aerial imagery, acquired by consumer-grade cameras, have the potential for crop type mapping. In this study, a novel method was proposed for extracting the crop height from DSM and for evaluating the orthomosics and crop height for the identification of crop types (mainly corn, cotton, and sorghum).(More)
With the recent launch of new satellites and the developments of spatiotemporal data fusion methods, we are entering an era of high spatiotemporal resolution remote-sensing analysis. This study proposed a method to reconstruct daily 30 m remote-sensing data for monitoring crop types and phenology in two study areas located in Xinjiang Province, China.(More)