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On "Libretto Moulding" in BAI Ju-yi's Work of "Xinyuefu"——From a Perspective of Artistic Comment
BAI Ju-yi's work "Xinyuefu" was originally created for being sung,but it actually was not sung by people.Therefore,it in form belongs to quasi-libretto.This paper defined the concept of librettoExpand
On Yue-fu Poems in Dali Period
Even though Yue-fu Poems in DaLi Period did not achieve remarkable success,they served as a strong ferment in connecting the preceding and the following periods.Yue-fu poems with conventional titlesExpand
On the Literary Genre of Yue-fu Poems in Tang Dynasty
The literary genre of Yue-fu poems was shaped in Tang Dynasty.It differs not only from those poems which conform to the music,but also from the general poems in its theme,style,form and language.TheExpand
Formation of Han-Meng School of Poetry
Han Yu (768 - 824) and Meng Jiao (751-814) were famous poets of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), and their school of poetry was formed for various reasons. Meng Jiao was the pioneer of the school, andExpand
Exploring into Subject Creation of Yue-fu Poem in Han and Tang Dynasty
Subject creation of Yue-fu poem in Han and Tang Dynasty is mainly defined by using of the first few characters of the first sentence of Yue-fu poems,even the first sentence,or by adding names ofExpand
On Dances Activities Accompanied by Music and the Poems Sung in the Palace of Tang Dynasty
In Tang Dynasty,poems were usually sung in the course of activities of both ceremony entertainment dances accompanied by music in the palace.Poems sung in the ceremony dances were mainly written byExpand