Wang Junxiao

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This paper aims to investigate an extended state observer based control (ESOBC) approach for DC-DC buck converters subject to the unknown load resistance disturbance, which is mismatched according to the average model of buck converter. Different from the existed methods, a disturbance compensation control method is proposed in this paper. Extended state(More)
This paper presents the position servo problem for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) servo system using an integral terminal sliding mode control method. The PMSM position servo system is firstly transformed into two linear subsystems by using the feedback linearization technique. The q-axis integral terminal sliding mode controller and d-axis(More)
Considering the load uncertainties in real applications, a novel harmonic disturbance observer based control (HDOBC) approach is proposed for single-phase DC-AC inverter system subject to load resistance disturbance, which acts via a different channel from control input. Differing from the existing methods, a novel harmonic disturbance observer (HDO) is(More)
Load uncertainties and harmonic disturbance are important issues in three-phase PWM inverter control. In this paper, a harmonic disturbance observer is developed to estimate the mismatched periodic disturbance which is produced by load uncertainty in the three-phase PWM inverter. Based on the estimation of disturbance, a special sliding-mode control (SMC)(More)
This paper aims to investigate an extended state observer (ESO) based control approach for the ground-coupled heat pump system (GCHP). As GCHP system has strong disturbances, a feasible approach of disturbance rejection should be proposed necessarily. ESO is employed to estimate the disturbance and compensate it to the controller to eliminate effects of the(More)
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