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To better determine the history of modern birds, we performed a genome-scale phylogenetic analysis of 48 species representing all orders of Neoaves using phylogenomic methods created to handle genome-scale data. We recovered a highly resolved tree that confirms previously controversial sister or close relationships. We identified the first divergence in(More)
The mammalian target of rapamycin is an evolutionarily conserved serine-threonine kinase (mTOR), which controls protein synthesis and catabolism in response to environmental cues. This randomized double-blind clinical trial enrolled 60 abstinent heroin addicts and randomly assigned them to three groups: placebo, 2.5 mg and 5 mg rapamycin. The participants(More)
GPRC6A is a G protein-coupled receptor activated by l-amino acids, which, based on analyses of knock-out mice, has been suggested to have physiological functions in metabolism and testicular function. The human ortholog is, however, mostly retained intracellularly in contrast to the cell surface-expressed murine and goldfish orthologs. The latter orthologs(More)
Pedestrian detection is a key technology in autonomous driving perception system. Although the current vision-based pedestrian detection has obtained very good detection performance, the camera is sensitive to light and shadow. In addition, it is unable to provide precise location information, which is difficult to address autonomous driving problem. To(More)
PURPOSE To assess the value of transcatheter intraarterial methotrexate infusion combined with selective uterine artery embolization (UAE) as a treatment option for cervical pregnancy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between January 2004 and June 2009, a prospective study was conducted in 20 consecutive patients with cervical pregnancy. The patients were treated(More)
We have attempted direct observation of the light-driven rotation of a FoF(1)-ATP motor. The FoF(1)-ATP motor was co-reconstituted by the deletion-delta subunit of FoF(1)-ATP synthase with bacteriorhodopsins (BRs) into a liposome. The BR converts radiation energy into electrochemical gradient of proton to drive the FoF(1)-ATP motor. Therefore, the(More)
It is important to identify the differentially expressed gene in gastric cancer for elucidating the molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis of stomach. Here, 38 genes differentially expressed genes between gastric cancer and normal gastric mucosa by in silico approaches. A potassium channel protein KCNE2, identified as a down-regulated gene in gastric cancer,(More)
A novel fringe processing method is proposed to segment whole-field strain distributions from interferometric deformation patterns by use of Gabor filters. This novel strategy is specifically proposed for strain measurement with a Gabor filter used as a set of wavelets. To increase computational speed as well as for selection of contour intervals, judicious(More)
Cloud testing is the method of software testing based on cloud computing technology. In this paper, the definition of cloud testing was derived from the concept of cloud computing. It analyzed the questions of which software testing projects can do the cloud testing, why do clouds testing, how to do cloud testing. This paper was a research for the future(More)
Aberrant DNA hypermethylation is critical in the regulation of renewal and maintenance of cancer stem cells (CSCs), which represent targets for carcinogenic initiation by chemical and environmental agents. The administration of decitabine (DAC), which is a DNA hypermethylation inhibitor, is an attractive approach to enhancing the chemotherapeutic response(More)