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To better determine the history of modern birds, we performed a genome-scale phylogenetic analysis of 48 species representing all orders of Neoaves using phylogenomic methods created to handle genome-scale data. We recovered a highly resolved tree that confirms previously controversial sister or close relationships. We identified the first divergence in(More)
Cloud testing is the method of software testing based on cloud computing technology. In this paper, the definition of cloud testing was derived from the concept of cloud computing. It analyzed the questions of which software testing projects can do the cloud testing, why do clouds testing, how to do cloud testing. This paper was a research for the future(More)
Aiming at the control variables of reactive power optimization are discrete, and some parameters in the standard particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm need to be predefined by test, so the algorithm's practicability is restricted. For these reasons, an adaptive particle swarm optimization (APSO) algorithm is proposed by the authors. APSO introduces(More)
BACKGROUND Determining the evolutionary relationships among the major lineages of extant birds has been one of the biggest challenges in systematic biology. To address this challenge, we assembled or collected the genomes of 48 avian species spanning most orders of birds, including all Neognathae and two of the five Palaeognathae orders. We used these(More)
A new fuzzy direct torque control scheme for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive is proposed in order to improve system stability and reduce the ripple of torque and stator flux linkage. Zero voltage space vector is used to obtain a new fuzzy-ruler table. So, Fuzzy rulers are simplified for shorting computation time. Finally, simulation results verify(More)
In order to solve the realistic problems in the teaching and experiment of computer network courses, a NS2-based demonstration and experiment system for computer network courses has been constructed. This system is made up of two parts, one of which is the demonstration system for teachers to demonstrate in class, and the other is the experiment system for(More)
  • Wang Jun
  • 1996
During recent years, there have been much interests focused on blind identification and blind source separation. Many approaches have been proposed mainly for the special and simple case in which the MIMO system is linear memoryless[1][2][4][5]. However, in a variety of applications in which wideband sources are involved, e.g., speech dereverberation,(More)
DA (D-blood group of Palm and Agouti, also known as Dark Agouti) and F344 (Fischer) are two inbred rat strains with differences in several phenotypes, including susceptibility to autoimmune disease models and inflammatory responses. While these strains have been extensively studied, little information is available about the DA and F344 genomes, as only the(More)
This paper presents a self-localization system using multiple RFID reader antennas and High-Frequency RFID-tag textile floor for an indoor autonomous mobile robot. Conventional self-localization systems often use vision sensors and/or laser range finders and an environment model. It is difficult to estimate the exact global location if the environment has(More)
We sought to determine the distribution of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α, interleukin (IL)-6 and lymphocytes in the cochlea of mice infected with murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV). For this purpose, 16 newborn mice were divided equally into model and control (uninfected) groups. In model group, 10 μl of MCMV was injected into the brain of each mouse whereas in(More)