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To better determine the history of modern birds, we performed a genome-scale phylogenetic analysis of 48 species representing all orders of Neoaves using phylogenomic methods created to handle genome-scale data. We recovered a highly resolved tree that confirms previously controversial sister or close relationships. We identified the first divergence in(More)
BACKGROUND Determining the evolutionary relationships among the major lineages of extant birds has been one of the biggest challenges in systematic biology. To address this challenge, we assembled or collected the genomes of 48 avian species spanning most orders of birds, including all Neognathae and two of the five Palaeognathae orders. We used these(More)
DA (D-blood group of Palm and Agouti, also known as Dark Agouti) and F344 (Fischer) are two inbred rat strains with differences in several phenotypes, including susceptibility to autoimmune disease models and inflammatory responses. While these strains have been extensively studied, little information is available about the DA and F344 genomes, as only the(More)
— This paper presents a self-localization system using multiple RFID reader antennas and High-Frequency RFID-tag textile floor for an indoor autonomous mobile robot. Conventional self-localization systems often use vision sensors and/or laser range finders and an environment model. It is difficult to estimate the exact global location if the environment has(More)
2002 i ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have been at NUS for almost two years. Initially, I had several difficulties to deal with: getting familiar with a new school and a new country, means of doing my research here, etc.. Fortunately, my family, friends and colleagues made things easy. I have to thank my advisor, Mohan S Kankanhalli for leading me to the area of(More)
  • LIU Qi-Yuan, LI Yu, CHEN Jiu-Hui, GUO Biao, WANG Jun, QI Shao-Hua +1 other
  • 2011
Citation Liu, Qi-Yuan et al. "Joint inversion of receiver function and ambient noise based on Bayesian theory. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access(More)
Lossy link is one of the unique characteristics in random-deployed sensor networks. We envision that robustness and reliability of routing cannot be ensured purely in network layer. Our idea is to enhance the performance of routing protocol by cross-layer interaction. We modified mint protocol, a routing protocol in TinyOS and proposed an enhanced version(More)
From the perspective of spatial information sharing and interoperation, the concept of geo-ontology has been proposed in this paper. At first, a brief introduction to the Geo-Ontology concept has been described and the hierarchical structure of geo-ontology has also been analyzed. Then, the traditional method of ontology construction has been discussed and(More)