Wang Jun Kim

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Epilepsy is the most prevalent neurological disorder of childhood and adolescence and a very heterogenous disease with a diverse course of illness. It may be a benign disease for the majority of children and adolescents, who recover spontaneously or are managed well medically; however, a sizeable group of children and adolescents with epilepsy, at least(More)
In contrast to the controversial transracial adoption of African American children by Caucasian families in the U.S., international, transracial adoption of Asian children has not received much scientific or societal attention. There has been a steady increase in this unnoticed minority group, made up largely of Korean children. This paper reviews the(More)
If subtransactions commute, the validity of con BLOCKINicts is reduced to the lifetime of subtransactions, i.e. to the execution of a single operation. Both advantages together signicantly increase the potential degree of concurrency on all levels of abstraction. The reduced con BLOCKINict rate makes the model applicable even for applications that require(More)
performance of the query optimizer is|in the current prototype version|not really sucient for a production quality system. It took, for example, about a second to transform the (simple) example query. However, for experimentation and evaluation purposes the performance is quite sucient. In order to gain performance the term rewriting rules may be converted(More)
opinions expressed herein are of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect those of the funding agencies. INTRODUCTION The pathway to teaching is a continuous cycle where aspiring teachers emerge from the K-12 system, go to college, and then return to the K-12 system to teach a new generation of students; the quality and diversity of the teaching force(More)
Deductive entity-relationship data model and it's data language," Information and Software 54 Bibliography 1] D. Maier, \Why isn't there an object-oriented data model," Information 53 exposed. Yet, perhaps a handful, possibly as few as half a dozen models, will oat to the top of the heap of data models. Therefore, a goal of the research is to present a(More)
This study compared a small group of Korean-American adoptees with their adoptive siblings who are biological children of the adoptive parents with respect to their psychosocial adjustment. Eighteen Korean-American adoptees were compared with nine biological children by a structured demographic, medical, clinical survey form and the Child Behavior(More)
A semantic association model for corporate and scientic statistical database. Information Science, 29, 1983. [77] Mike Uschold. The use of the typed lambda calculus to guide naive users in the representation and acquisition of part-whole knowledge.tures of the orion object-oriented database system. A proposal for a formal model of objects. Living with(More)