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Based on the H.264/AVC Video coding standard, a new video steganography algorithm is proposed and realized in this paper. The algorithm designed a motion vector component feature to control embedding, and also to be the secret carrier. The information embedded will not significantly affect the video sequence's visual invisibility and statistical(More)
In the context of more massive data to be processed and more processing elements (PEs) to be laid on a single chip or board, the requirements for corresponding interconnection network are becoming even higher. This paper presents a new topology called xtorus, and evaluates it by using both theoretical analysis and experimental simulation method. For(More)
Previous experimental work has shown that the firing rate of multiple time-scales of adaptation for single rat neocortical pyramidal neurons is consistent with fractional-order differentiation, and the fractional-order neuronal models depict the firing rate of neurons more verifiably than other models do. For this reason, the dynamic characteristics of the(More)
The corona discharge and audible noise in different polarities have different characteristics and rules. The experiment of sing point corona discharge under DC voltage was developed and the sound pressure produced by corona discharge was measured. The amplitude and pulse characteristics of needle-plane corona discharges were studied. The sound pressure in(More)
With the development of technology, intelligent robots will play an important role in our daily life. More and more intelligent robots based on embedded systems are used for security, detection, service, etc. Interaction with human is an important part of intelligent robots. Hand gesture is a convenient and fast method for human-robot interactions. In this(More)
Ad Hoc networks are distributed self-organizing networks, whose topologies often encounter failures caused by node mobility and wireless links, which has negative impact to network performances. This paper proposed a topology reconfiguration scheme for Ad Hoc networks, which consists of topology reconfiguration triggering stage and topology reconfiguring(More)
  • Wang Jue
  • 2014 IEEE Workshop on Advanced Research and…
  • 2014
In recent years, along with the rapid development of real estate industry, real estate tax has become an important source of local tax revenue. However, because the real estate industry tax categories are various and tax links are complicated, real estate tax integration management becomes the trend of the Times. Implementation of the real estate tax(More)
This essay addresses the ethical implications of the physician-patient relationship from the Confucian perspective, which holds that the physician must regard the patient as a family member to treat the patient properly. It is well known that there are two primary approaches to moral authority in contemporary Western medical ethics. One is internal, and(More)
The 3D reconstruction technique is to process the image in a certain way, then gets the 3D information and constructs the triangulation network of the target object. There into, the number and accuracy of the extracted feature points in the image will directly influence the effect of 3D reconstruction. This paper simplifies and improves the AffineSIFT(More)
  • Wang Jue
  • 2010 International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 2010
In recent years, SMA often used for Orthotropic Steel Box Girder Bridge deck pavement on the surface,but the effect is not ideal. The analysis and research based on SMA which in the steel bridge deck layer in domestic steel box girder bridge has built the application effect of SMA surfacing. From the angle of mixing gradation optimization to analysis,(More)