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Previous experimental work has shown that the firing rate of multiple time-scales of adaptation for single rat neocortical pyramidal neurons is consistent with fractional-order differentiation, and the fractional-order neuronal models depict the firing rate of neurons more verifiably than other models do. For this reason, the dynamic characteristics of the(More)
In the context of more massive data to be processed and more processing elements (PEs) to be laid on a single chip or board, the requirements for corresponding interconnection network are becoming even higher. This paper presents a new topology called xtorus, and evaluates it by using both theoretical analysis and experimental simulation method. For(More)
The 3D reconstruction technique is to process the image in a certain way, then gets the 3D information and constructs the triangulation network of the target object. There into, the number and accuracy of the extracted feature points in the image will directly influence the effect of 3D reconstruction. This paper simplifies and improves the AffineSIFT(More)
  • Wang Jue
  • 2010
In recent years, SMA often used for Orthotropic Steel Box Girder Bridge deck pavement on the surface,but the effect is not ideal. The analysis and research based on SMA which in the steel bridge deck layer in domestic steel box girder bridge has built the application effect of SMA surfacing. From the angle of mixing gradation optimization to analysis,(More)
After a long in-service period, the electrical aging phenomenon of Nylon 6 may cause insulation degradation. Most of the researches focus on AC/DC or room temperature conditions. Less attention is paid to the nanosecond pulses conditions. In this paper, frequency effect on the electrical tree growth of nylon 6 was investigated. A solid-state pulse generator(More)
The corona discharge and audible noise in different polarities have different characteristics and rules. The experiment of sing point corona discharge under DC voltage was developed and the sound pressure produced by corona discharge was measured. The amplitude and pulse characteristics of needle-plane corona discharges were studied. The sound pressure in(More)
SMA asphalt mixture is the old airport pavement overlay of asphalt concrete most commonly used technical solutions, combined with the previous runway coagulation Concrete Asphalt design, from the perspective of Asphalt Mixture Design. Laboratory produced using different asphalt modifier, additives (fiber, anti-rutting agent) to form several SMA asphalt(More)
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