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A Path Analysis on Life Events, Negative Automatic Thoughts, Coping Style and Depression
To analyze the relationships between life events, negative automatic thoughts, coping style and depression, 321 college students were asked to complete the ASLEC, ATQ, TCSQ, and CES-D. Results: (1)Expand
Comparison of the Effects of Different Treatments to Maize Straw on Fattenning Beef Cattle
It was concluded that whole corn silage with ear was the best treatment, and microorganism fermentation,ammoniated treatment,and silaged maize straw without ear was one with the order of decreasing effects,respectively. Expand
Establishment of the Competency Model of CAPF Sergeant
Objective: To establish a competency model of CAPF sergeant to provide the basis for the psychological screening system of CAPF sergeant.Methods: CAPF sergeant competency rating scale was developedExpand
Interventional therapy for Fallopian Tubal Pregnancy
It is an effective way of curing the tubal pregnancy and remain fertile and minimal invasive, with high cure rate and preventing intraperitonea bleeding effectively and keeping the integrity of the arteria uterine with interventional therapy. Expand
Preparation of Hypericin by Polymer Nanospheres
Objective:To prepare high purity of hypericin by polymer nanospheres.Method:Hypericin extract was enriched by PEK nanospheres,then PDCX nanospheres further purification,high-purity of hypericin wasExpand
Interventional Therapy of Acute Hemorrhage of Artery
Interventional therapy not only ascertains bleeding site, but also stops bleeding by embolizing bleeding artery or inject angiotension. Expand
Effect of bathypnea pretreatment on the blood oxygen saturation value during anesthetized endoscopy
Bathypnea pretreatment can effectively prevent and improve anesthesia-induced apnea in anesthetized endoscopy and could always ameliorated spontaneously. Expand
Application Progress of Sympathetic Skin Response in Psychiatric Department
As one of the tests assessing automatic nerve function which is simple, sensitive, accurate, and objective, SSR deserves the further study in the diagnosis and evaluation of mental disorders in the absence of objective laboratory examination. Expand
Determination of Germanium in A.Arborescens by Fluorospectrophotometry with Morin
The determination of germanium in A.arborescens by fluorospectrophotometry was developed firstly.In the acidified solution and morin as chromogenic reagent,the maximum absorption of associationExpand
Quality comparison of flue-cured tobacco leaves of main cultivars in Sanmenxia
The appearance quality,chemical component and sensory quality of main cultivars( Zhongyan 100 and Qinyan 96) in Sanmenxia tobacco-growing area were evaluated and compared. The results showed thatExpand