Wang Jianming

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In order to improve the signal to noise ratio of image, a local adaptive Wiener filter in wavelet domain is applied to a 2-D image. Several 1-D windows could be constructed on the direction character of sub-image in the filter window after wavelet transform. Then the adaptive filters could be obtained from the 1-D windows. With the effective weighted(More)
Resolvers are extensively used in applications that demand instantaneous, accurate and high-resolution information angular position or speed. A resolver's analog outputs have been modulated by angular position and an R/D converter is always adopted to recover the angular position in digital form. With the rapid growth of micro-processor technology, more and(More)
In order to retrain chaotic oscillation of marine power system which is excited by periodic electromagnetism perturbation, command-filtered adaptive backstepping method is used to design the chaotic controller based on the two parallel nonlinear mathematical model. Lyapunov stability theory is applied to prove that the system can remain close-loop(More)
The fast-moving target can cause one-dimension range profile aberration, evidence impacts on movement compensation and the performance of imaging algorithm, so in this paper, by analysis of the wideband echo signal model of fast-moving target, then wavelets transform method which can with well capability on low SNR compared with appeared algorithm is(More)
After completion and operation of UHVDC, influence on stability of interconnected power grid is studied from multiple aspects. To cope with the DC block fault occurred in UHVDC transmission line, the coordinated control strategy based on emergency DC power supply is researched, by which the total amount of load shedding and generator tripping can be(More)
VSC-HVDC transmission technology has many features such as independent controllability for active and reactive power, commutation failure free, and available for passive system power supply. So it can be applied when distributed generators are connected, inner cities and remote islands are supplied or synchronous networking is adopted. The operation(More)
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