Wang Jian-ling

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Ten specimens of the head and neck of the Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus) were dissected to study the situation, arrangement and branches of the cranial cervical ganglion (ganglion cervicale craniale). The ganglion was a greyish fusiform structure, averaging 15–20 mm in length, 4–6 mm in width and 3 mm in thickness, located on the rostro-lateral surface(More)
This study explores to find the factors affecting evaluation of e-brand extension based on A&K model, and independent variables in this study are categorized as (1) Perceived quality;(2) Perceived fit (Transfer, Substitute and Complement); (3) Difficult; and (4) E-brand specific variables: experience fit. The results show that, in a network context,(More)
A new gray incidence degree of uncertainty number is defined, and applied to consumer evaluation of service brand extension. Based on A&K model, three kinds of service quality are introduced, and the famous Chinese brand Jinling Hotel is studied through dynamic data collecting, trying to find favorable factors affecting consumer evaluation of service(More)
As high-level sci-tech innovative talents play an irreplaceable role, their introduction and training have been a sustained topic both for governments and scholars. Based on related difinitions, the input and output status of high-level sci-tech innovative talents in Jiangsu Province are analyzed firstly; then 7 relative efficiency indicators are chosen,(More)
Recently, the development of Network Industry has been hotly discussed in theoretical circles. And the research on Network Industry Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) performance has become an urgent problem to be resolved seriously. The listed companies in Information Technology Sector occurred M&A events from 2001 to 2007 are chosen as(More)
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