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Effect of Co-administration of Morphine and Cholinergic Antagonists on Y-maze Spatial Recognition Memory Retrieval and Locomotor Activity in Mice
The interaction of morphine and cholinergic system was shown in previous studies. In the present study, we investigated whether morphine would interact with the cholinergic antagonists, scopolamineExpand
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A New Style of FBG Vibration Sensor
A new style of FBG vibration sensor with a special structure of metal three-legged stand and elastic cantilever is designed for many low-frequency tests of engineering structures and mechanicalExpand
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Modeling of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Reactors and Its Application in the Dynamic Simulation of Polymerization Process
A general reactor model is developed , which is to model polyester rea ctors of every stage in the polymerization process. Based on the "chain-analyzi ng method", the model describes the dynamicExpand
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A Real-Time Petrol-Stations-Oriented Test and Control System for the Oil Vapor Recycling and Processing Device
A real-time testing and control system for oil vapor recycling and processing device in petrol stations is presented.An OPTO22 SNAP I/O control system is chosen as the software and hardwareExpand
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Numerical Simulation of 080125 Cold Air,Freezing Rain and Snow in Southern China
We simulate the low-temperature and freezing-rain/snow event in southern China during 25th—29th January 2008 by using the WRF model,and the results show that there appeared the coupling of lower andExpand
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Therapeutic effect comparison of both valsartan and benazepril on primary hypertension
Objective To compare the therapeutic effect of both valsartan and benazepril on primary hypertension. Methods One hundred and three mild-moderate primary hypertensive patients in my hospital wereExpand
The transmittance curves of ZnWO 4 single crystals grown by Czochralski method have been measured. We suggest that the existense of oxygen vacancy is the basic reason for the rosy color of theExpand
WPT modal control on spatial structure under vertical earthquake excitation
Complex structures are featured by their huge degrees-of-freedoms and the close spaced frequencies.Wavelet packet transform(WPT) is introduced to traditional modal controller and a WPT modalExpand
Anatomy Studies on Six Mosses in Kanas Nature Reserve
Paraffin sectioning technique and scanning electron microscopy methods were applied to observe six species of masses.The internal structure of stems,leaves and the stratum corneum surfaceExpand
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