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Influence of plant growth promoting bacteria and Cr6+ on the growth of Indian mustard.
The present observations showed that the strains PsA4 and Ba32 protect the plants against the inhibitory effects of chromium, probably due to the production of IAA, siderophores and solubilization of phosphate. Expand
Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution by a zeolite–nanoscale zero-valent iron composite
Abstract The effectiveness of nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) to remove heavy metals from water is reduced by its low durability, poor mechanical strength, and tendency to form aggregates. AExpand
The mating type, allozyme genotypes of malic enzyme, glucose-6-phosphate isomerase and peptidase loci, and metalaxyl sensitivity of 336 Phytophthora infestans isolates collected in Korea, India,Expand
Effects of Growth Regulators on Adventitious Root Growth and Eleutherosides and Chlorogenic Acid Accumulation in Air Lift Bioreactor Cultures of Eleutherococcus koreanum
The influence of different growth regulators on biomass of adventitious roots and secondary metabolites accumulation in bioreactor cultures of Eleutherococcus koreanum was studied and zeatin remarkably suppressed the accumulation of both eleutheroside B and chlorogenic acid. Expand
The Production of Artificial Fruiting Body of Paecilomyces japonica
The results of these experiment indicated that fruiting body formation seemed to be lower as the light intensity increased, and there was a higher incidence in red color light and fluorescent light treatment than that of incandescent and blue color light. Expand
Characterization of a Novel Cr6+ Reducing Pseudomonas sp. with Plant Growth–Promoting Potential
The isolate RNP4 obtained from a long-term tannery waste contaminated soil was characterized and presumptively identified as Pseudomonas sp. The strain RNP4 tolerated concentrations up to 450 mgExpand
Screening of bacterial antagonists for biological control of Phytophthora blight of pepper
Results indicate that the in vitro seedling assay can be used as a rapid and more accurate technique for the selection of promising biocontrol agents against P. capsici in the in vivo biological control tests. Expand
Development of a Rapid Detection Method for Potato virus X by Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification
This study shows the potential of RT-LAMP for the diagnosis of viral diseases and PVX epidemiology because of its simplicity and rapidness compared to RT-PCR. Expand
Occurrence of Diseases and Case of Clinical Diagnosis on Watermelon in South Korea, 2008-2012
Jaejong Noh*, Ju-Hee Kim, Jeong Hyeon Lim, Tae Bok Kim, Mun Ho Seong, Gi Tai Jung, Jeong Man Kim, Seong-Soo Cheong, Nam Ki Oh and Wang-Hyu Lee Watermelon Experiment Station, Jeollabuk-do AgriculturalExpand
The Effect of Blue-light-emitting Diodes on Antioxidant Properties and Resistance to Botrytis cinerea in Tomato
Combined results suggest that blue LED light inhibits the development of gray mold disease, which can be mechanistically explained by the enhanced proline accumulation and antioxidative processes at least in partial. Expand