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Introduction and Safety Evaluation of Citrinin in Foods
Citrinin is a kind of mycotoxin, which is produced during Monascus fermentation to produce Monascus Pigments. Studies have shown that citrinin has certain nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity, which canExpand
Effect of gastric versus post-pyloric feeding on the incidence of pneumonia in critically ill patients: observations from traditional and Bayesian random-effects meta-analysis.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Administration of enteral feeding is associated with a higher risk of nosocomial pneumonia. Herein, we systematically review the impact of gastric versus post-pyloric feeding on theExpand
Association between lymphotoxin-α intron +252 polymorphism and sepsis: A meta-analysis
Abstract Background: We evaluated the association of lymphotoxin-α (LTA, also known as tumour necrosis factor-β) promoter +252 A/G polymorphism with sepsis. Methods: A systematic search was performedExpand
Banknote Image Defect Recognition Method Based on Convolution Neural Network
We introduced the advantage of convolution Neural Network (CNN) in image classification and designed a image defect identification method based on convolutional neural network (CNN). Expand
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering investigation of bovine serum albumin by Au nanoparticles with different sizes
Background: Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) has become a useful spectroscopic tool for studying biomolecule structures. The main types of plasmonic substrates used in biological systems areExpand
An Improved Header Compression Scheme for 6LoWPAN Networks
An improved header compression scheme is proposed which has the capability to better support the compression on IPv6 multicast address, UDP, ICMP headers and routing extension headers as well. Expand
Fire Location for High and Large-Span Space Buildings based on Binocular Stereo Vision
A nonlinear implicit camera calibration method is proposed by combining an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) method with least squares support vector machine to solve the problem that it is difficult to establish accurate mathematical models for traditional nonlinear explicit camera calibration. Expand
Training in LESS and NOTES.
LESS and NOTES are the further step forward the "scarless" surgery recently, which have challenged the main principles of conventional multiport laparoscopy. To develop the surgical skills for theseExpand
The development of embryo and endosperm inRanalisma rostratum
The embryo and endosperm development inRanalisma rostratum was studied in this paper. The zygote divides by a transverse wall to form basal and apical cells. The larger basal cell undergoes noExpand
Research status and development of optical spatial modulation technology
Optical spatial modulation (OSM), a new optical multiple input multiple output (OMIMO) technique, effectively improves the transmission rate and energy efficiency by using the spatial domain laser index to carry additional information. Expand