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Network security situation awareness is a new technology to monitor network security, and it is one of hot research domains in information security. The research situation of situation awareness all over the world is first analyzed. Network security situation awareness model (NSAM) based on simple additive weight and grey theory is presented. The(More)
as monitor plays a critical role in self-healingloop as the basis of self-healing, this paper proposes acomprehensive monitor model for self-healing systems onthe basis of building model for general applications andorganically combining monitor methods for differentattributes of files. The monitor model can improve theperformance of self-healing by reducing(More)
To deal with the existence of malicious secondary users bring damage to the performance of cooperative spectrum sensing, a trust game model named FRTrust is proposed. In FRTrust, the reputation status is used to describe the performance of a secondary user in cooperative spectrum sensing process. It encourages secondary users to choose positive and honest(More)
Stochastic game theory is proposed to apply in the research on network security situational awareness (NSSA), which is a research focus in network security field at present. A novel dynamic awareness method of network security situation (NSS) based on analyses of network service states is proposed in this paper. Realizing situation awareness is a dynamic(More)
This paper introduced the core control system for belt grinder was the PLC, and the touch screen as the man-machine interface. Through the touch screen we can set up the parameters of grinding, and show the grinding process on dynamic condition and realtime. Adopt the USS protocol to control the frequency converter, which can realize the belt grinder speed(More)
The article analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of Apriori, AprioriTid and AprioriHybrid simply. To solve the bottleneck of AprioriHybrid algorithm, a kind of Hash-based method to condense candidate itemset is presented, and providing the corresponding algorithm. Finally the experiment proves the efficiency of improved AprioriHybrid-H is better than(More)
In order to study the cognitive networks, the multilevel k-way partitioning methods and the coarsening strategies for graphs are studied. The four kinds of classic matching algorithm used in the coarsening stage for multilevel k-way partitioning an irregular graph are introduced, including random matching, heavy-edge matching, improved heavy-edge matching,(More)
Traditional vulnerability scan tools cannot show the associations among vulnerabilities, and thus the security administrators have the difficulty to comprehensively understand the risks in networks according to the vulnerabilities sources. With the number of vulnerabilities growing rapidly, repairing all vulnerabilities costs much. In order to mitigate this(More)
Restart tree is the groundwork for microreboot and recursive recovery, while optimization of restart tree is a key problem in increasing efficiency of recursive recovery. Based on the research of related works, the optimization principle of restart tree is analyzed and a novel approach is proposed for optimizing restart tree. In this approach, mean failure(More)
Attacks are evolving towards exploiting network services' or applications' vulnerabilities, which results in more and more focus on security of distributed mission-critical system whose aim is to satisfy users' service requirements. According to the resource dependencies in networked system, a hierarchical security situational evaluation metric model (SHL(More)