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BACKGROUND The MSM (Men who have sex with men) population suffers from very high rates of concurrent psychosocial problems. Together, these problems comprise a syndemic that increases the risk of HIV infection for this community. The precise mechanisms through which this syndemic can raise the likelihood of HIV infection warrant further exploration. (More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of leptin on cartilage destruction. METHODS Collagen release was assessed in bovine cartilage explant cultures, while collagenolytic and gelatinolytic activities in culture supernatants were determined by bioassay and gelatin zymography. The expression of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) was analysed by real-time(More)
A forest fire can be a real ecological disaster regardless of whether it is caused by natural forces or human activities, it is possible to map forest fire risk zones to minimize the frequency of fires, avert damage, etc. A method integrating remote sensing and GIS was developed and applied to forest fire risk zone mapping for Baihe forestry bureau in this(More)
OBJECTIVES To characterise the catabolic response of osteoarthritic chondrocytes to Toll-like receptor (TLR) ligands. METHODS Induction of the collagenases, matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)1 and MMP13, by TLR ligands was assessed in chondrocytes by real-time reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR. TLR signalling pathway activation and their involvement in(More)
Dysregulated proteolysis of the extracellular matrix of articular cartilage represents a unifying hallmark of the arthritides, and has been a target for therapeutic intervention for some time, although clinical efficacy has been elusive. Members of the 'A disintegrin and metalloprotease with thrombospondin motifs' and matrix metalloprotease families are(More)
Glioma proliferation is a multistep process during which a sequence of genetic and epigenetic alterations randomly occur to affect the genes controlling cell proliferation, cell death and genetic stability. microRNAs are emerging as important epigenetic modulators of multiple target genes, leading to abnormal cellular signaling involving cellular(More)
A novel hybrid maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control strategy for stand-alone solar pumping systems without backup batteries is proposed in this paper. The whole control process consists of two steps: the judgment of speed up or down and the selection of step size of speed command. Basically, the system with the proposed MPPT strategy is controlled by(More)
Global evidence demonstrates that inequitable gender norms negatively influence key health outcomes (e.g., violence, HIV/STI), and the importance of male involvement in prevention efforts. The China Family Planning Association and PATH partnered to develop and evaluate a gender-focused behavior change communication intervention for HIV and violence(More)
The paper presents three intelligent algorithms, namely, basic genetic algorithm, Hopfield neural network and basic ant colony algorithm to solve the TSP problem. Then different algorithms are compared in the perspectives of time complexity, space complexity, the advantages and disadvantages of the calculation results, and difficulty level of realization.(More)
In hidden Web domain, general-purpose search engines (i.e., Google and Yahoo) have their shortcomings. They cover less than one-third of the data stored in document databases. Unlike the surface Web, if combined, they cover roughly the same data. Hidden Web is a highly important information source since the content provided by many hidden Web sites is often(More)