Wang-Hsin Hsu

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Based on accelerometer, we propose a 3D handwriting recognition system in this paper. The system is consists of 4 main parts: (1) data collection: a single tri-axis accelerometer is mounted on a handheld device to collect different handwriting data. A set of key patterns have to be written using the handheld device several times for consequential processing(More)
In traditional, to manage a lot of solar panels in green power plants is very difficult and inefficient. Because one panel set needs a digital power meter, it is very expensive to use the panel to collect all data. To cope with this problem, we proposed a remote monitoring system of solar panels via IPv6 wireless network, in which the parameters of(More)
This paper proposes an automated system to detect text regions and correct the orientation of textlines in natural images on mobile devices. Text regions are first detected using an image operator called the Stroke Width Transform. Textlines (text blocks) are then extracted from text regions based on a modified minimum spanning tree algorithm. Finally, the(More)
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