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Keywords: Wireless smart sensor Low power transmitter Small spiral antenna Pulse position modulation a b s t r a c t This paper presents a wireless smart sensor (WSS) with a thermoelectric sensor, a wireless transmitter and a small spiral antenna on a single package. To transmit a sensor signal, the wireless transmitter was designed to consist of an(More)
This paper presents a ring oscillator with the function of the oscillation controlled for wireless sensor systems (WSSs). The proposed oscillator consists of a NAND gate, 4 inverters, and 1-, 3-, 9-times buffer stage. Operation of it is controlled by the NAND gate. The oscillator can reduce the power loss because the oscillator is oscillated during only(More)
In this study, we present a hybrid wireless smart temperature sensor using thermoelectric sensor and wireless transmitter. The thermoelectric sensor using SOI structure consists of 17 pairs of n- and p-type single-crystal silicon strips and selective absorption area. The sensitivity of the fabricated thermoelectric sensor was found to be approximately(More)
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