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This paper presents a ring oscillator with the function of the oscillation controlled for wireless sensor systems (WSSs). The proposed oscillator consists of a NAND gate, 4 inverters, and 1-, 3-, 9-times buffer stage. Operation of it is controlled by the NAND gate. The oscillator can reduce the power loss because the oscillator is oscillated during only(More)
Keywords: Wireless smart sensor Low power transmitter Small spiral antenna Pulse position modulation a b s t r a c t This paper presents a wireless smart sensor (WSS) with a thermoelectric sensor, a wireless transmitter and a small spiral antenna on a single package. To transmit a sensor signal, the wireless transmitter was designed to consist of an(More)
In this study, we present a hybrid wireless smart temperature sensor using thermoelectric sensor and wireless transmitter. The thermoelectric sensor using SOI structure consists of 17 pairs of n- and p-type single-crystal silicon strips and selective absorption area. The sensitivity of the fabricated thermoelectric sensor was found to be approximately(More)
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