Wang Hongli

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ETHNOBOTANICAL RELEVANCE Catalpol is the main active component of the radix from Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch, which has pleiotropic protective effects in neurodegenerative diseases, ischemic stroke, metabolic disorders and others AIM Catalpol has been shown to have neuroprotective, neurorepair, and angiogenesis effects following ischemic brain injury.(More)
The main information retrieval and information noise elimination were the essential technology for data mining. The multiple correlation among Multi-index was one of the main reasons for difficult to determine independent variables set in a data mining regression. The paper introduced a new iterative dimensionality reduction method based on partial(More)
Based on secondary analysis techniques to identify specific sample point using partial least-squares analysis method, the recognition method of specific sample point of two-dimensional floor plan of ellipse T2 was extended to three-dimensional figure of ellipsoid T2 and high-dimensional space of hyper- ellipsoid T2. Another Identification method of specific(More)
The prediction of urban wastewater discharge and influence factors analysis plays an important role in protection and development of urban water resources. In this paper, a prediction model of urban wastewater discharge was set up based on stochastic gradient boosting, and applied to wastewater discharge of Tianjin. In comparison with support vector machine(More)
Coastal area was defined as the conjunction of land and sea and it had very important ecological, economic and social value. Because the economy developed fast and demand of resource increased heavily, there were serious pressures on the ecological economic system of coastal area, such as large amount land-sourced pollutant and unreasonable fishing. The(More)
As the absence of effective depictive expression of uncertain information effects the effectively selection of optimum state, the selection method of optimum state of qualitative modeling and reasoning process in complex system based on QSIM and cloud model is proposed. Firstly the calculation method of similarity degree using the distance based on cloud(More)
The virtual subsoiler model assembled with Pro/E was exported into ADAMS. The model was connected with the virtual ground. After the movement along the straight line direction, the kinematics and kinetic analysis were established, including the displacement, the speed, the acceleration and force analysis of the deep-shovel. The simulation curves offer data(More)
Bed load particles movement is a very complicated problem in river. Bed load sediment particle images filmed are processed by using the edge detection technology, the outline and the coordinates of the sediment particles are extracted, all of these provide the basis for calculating the bed load sediment transport rate. In this paper, the principle of edge(More)
In the process of data mining, a major obstacle of using mathematical analysis to study the patterns and trends hidden in the data is the specific sample points existed in large-scale data sets. According to the ratio of specific sample points to the sample size, taking into account other factors at the same time, specific sample points may be divided into(More)
Aiming at the demerits of extremum random disturbed arithmetic operator of a particle swarm optimization algorithm, the reasonable amelioration is put forward based on the design idea of extremum random disturbed arithmetic operator. An improved particle swarm optimization algorithm is put forward and applied to parameter selection of support vector(More)
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