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Design Principles are standards used to organize and arrange the structural components of Software Engineering design. Methods in which these design principles are applied affect the expressive content and the working process from the start. Design principles help designers build up common consensus about architectural knowledge, help people process with(More)
According to the knowledge services dynamic composition problems, a knowledge services matching algorithm is proposed based on semantic, which defines the degree of matching as a real number between 0 and 1. The reverse matching strategy starts from the users' output parameters, and according to the matching degree, finds out the sort service list that fits(More)
A joint is the structural trace generated by a certain part of crust by the action of tectonic stress in some epoch. The development law and characteristic of it extremely correlate with relevant structure in its area. Joint statistics plays an important role in structural analysis and engineering geological evaluation. Due to extensive data in actual(More)
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  • 2012 Fourth International Conference on…
  • 2012
There has been increasing challenges in the effective structure of crucial information for effectual information security, personal privacy and data protection. Especially, when in an age of e-commerce, risks and threats from e-commerce transaction have been keeping rising up. Both new ways of cyber information security and security breach, which have(More)
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  • 2015 12th International Conference on Service…
  • 2015
In reverse auction, if a buyer sets quality standard and punishes the suppliers whose product quality doesn't satisfy the quality standard, the low-quality suppliers will quit the bidding process. This will decrease the bidding competition among suppliers and lead to high procurement cost. In order to make bidding competition fierce, buyers often attract(More)
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