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The New Curriculum Reforms Must Get Rid of the Conservative Ideological Trend the Fetters
Will construct the construction principle to take the current curriculum, will reform the rationale raises the innovation talented person's need; The new curriculum manifests person this thought isExpand
Method for Assessing Lethality of Reactive Fragment Warhead
To examine the design of new high effective reactive fragmentation warhead,a method for evaluating damage of reactive fragmentation warhead was proposed and the damage evaluation model wasExpand
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Damage Effects of Fluid filled Submunitions by High Velocity Projectile Impact
A series of tests investigating the damage effects of fluid-filled submunitions by high velocity projectile impact were conducted. An analytical model is presented, in which the yaw angle of theExpand
Ballistic limit and residual velocity of PELE penetrating against metal target
Based on analyzing the conservation of energy of penetrator with enhanced lateral efficiency (PELE) the penetrating against metal target, a theoretical expression predicting the residual velocity ofExpand
Numerical Simulation on Shock Initiation of Performed Fragment to Warhead
The mechanism of high-speed performed fragment shocking and initiating cruise missile warhead was analyzed.The high-speed fragment shocking and initiating warhead was simulated by using ignition andExpand