Wang Guo

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The present investigation was designed to study whether central sensitization is determined by a time window of central summation of ongoing primary afferent input from a peripheral injury site. Sensitization was assessed behaviorally in the rat as contralateral heat hyperalgesia induced by injection of bee venom (BV) in the hind paw. The sciatic nerve was(More)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yap1 protein is an AP1-like transcription factor involved in the regulation of the oxidative stress response. An ortholog of Yap1, MoAP1, was recently identified from the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae genome. We found that MoAP1 is highly expressed in conidia and during invasive hyphal growth. The Moap1 mutant was sensitive(More)
ÐThe mechanical behavior of a commercially pure titanium (CP-Ti) is systematically investigated in quasi-static (Instron, servohydraulic) and dynamic (UCSD's recovery Hopkinson) compression. Strains over 40% are achieved in these tests over a temperature range of 77±1000 K and strain rates of 10 À3 ±8000/s. At the macroscopic level, the ¯ow stress of CP-Ti,(More)
The effects of water erosion (including long-term historical erosion and single erosion event) on soil properties and productivity in different farming systems were investigated. A typical sloping cropland with homogeneous soil properties was designed in 2009 and then protected from other external disturbances except natural water erosion. In 2012, this(More)
This paper focuses on the design of decentralized state observers based on optimal guaranteed cost control for a class of systems which are composed of linear subsystems coupled by nonlinear time-varying interconnections. One of the main contributions lies in the use of the differential mean value theorem (DMVT) to simplify the design of estimation and(More)
Vascular calcification is an important risk factor associated with mortality among patients with chronic kidney disease. Intracellular cholesterol metabolism is involved in the process of vascular cell calcification. In this study, we investigated the role of UbiA prenyltransferase domain containing 1 (UBIAD1) in intracellular cholesterol metabolism and(More)
There is an increasing interest in unmanned surface vehicles as a tool for reconnaissance or other littoral missions. In order to achieve tasks independently and intelligently, an automatic control system is required. Learning from other unmanned vehicles, a control system which is feasible and reliable has been designed by us. An unmanned surface vehicle(More)
Artificial Searching Swarm Algorithm (ASSA) is a new Bionic Intelligent Optimization Algorithm (BIOA). This work compared the performance with other algorithms and used ASSA to deal with the optimization design of electromagnetic device. For the global optimization of electromagnetic relay volume ASSA achieved 38.6% volume saving. The results showed ASSA(More)
This paper proposes a MVDR algorithm based on quaternion model, expresses output of single 2D vector hydrophone as quaternion, establishes the DOA estimation equation of the MVDR algorithm based on quaternion domain, simulates and studies the visual tracking technology based on the particle filtering image frame and improves the four-element number domain(More)