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In this paper, the auther establish a model of water-jet propulsion system for self-service gliding-hydrofoil craft. A fuzzy logic controller is designed based on MATLAB and SIMULINK. And simulation experiment is performed. Experiment results show that the fuzzy logic controller is useful and is affected by interference. And the less the interference, the(More)
Artificial Searching Swarm Algorithm (ASSA) is a new Bionic Intelligent Optimization Algorithm (BIOA). This work compared the performance with other algorithms and used ASSA to deal with the optimization design of electromagnetic device. For the global optimization of electromagnetic relay volume ASSA achieved 38.6% volume saving. The results showed ASSA(More)
This paper focuses on the design of decentralized state observers based on optimal guaranteed cost control for a class of systems which are composed of linear subsystems coupled by nonlinear time-varying interconnections. One of the main contributions lies in the use of the differential mean value theorem (DMVT) to simplify the design of estimation and(More)
This paper proposes a MVDR algorithm based on quaternion model, expresses output of single 2D vector hydrophone as quaternion, establishes the DOA estimation equation of the MVDR algorithm based on quaternion domain, simulates and studies the visual tracking technology based on the particle filtering image frame and improves the four-element number domain(More)
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