Wang Debiao

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BACKGROUND Sexually transmitted diseases began to re-emerge in China in the mid 1980s. During the last one and a half decades, Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection has become one of the three most common sexually transmitted diseases in China. At present, resistant strains of N. gonorrhoeae are increasing each year. This study was undertaken to better understand(More)
The combination of widely-used PID controller with fuzzy system generates fuzzy PID controller which possesses excellent control quality. However, the fuzzy PID controller has some problems of computation complexity and real-time performance. To solve these problems, the paper expounds the process of training BP neural network through its universal function(More)
PID controller can not perform well in two-order large Inertia and time-delay system. ADRC is a new control technique which possesses special advantages for large Inertia and time-delay system. Moreover, ADRC overcomes lots of defects of PID control and improves control performance greatly. Two-tank liquid system — the research object in this paper(More)
PID controller can not perform well in liquid level control system because liquid system has characteristics of time-delay and inertia. Based on the characteristics of two-tank liquid control system, an ADRC is designed by using control technique of active disturbance rejection. In order to study the control performance of ADRC, the comparative analysis(More)
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