Wang Chun

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Transportation management and planning has played an important role in urban planning. The paper discusses the success of using virtual reality (VR) technique in traffic simulation to communicate design alternatives to decision makers and public audiences and thus to support the decision making process. The study documents the application of VISSIM, a(More)
Introduction: Robotic systems are essential for space and lunar exploration. They perform tasks that range from inspection, maintenance, and assembly in space, to scientific exploration, transportation, habitat construction, resource utilization, and astronaut assistant on planetary surface. However, the traditional approach of building special robots for(More)
Introduction: SuperBots represent a departure from the paradigm of single purpose robots for single missions to a more mature and evolved philosophy that emphasizes multifunctionality, modularity, and reconfigurability [1]. The SuperBot system consists of a set of interlocking autonomous robotic modules that can self-reconfigure into different systems for(More)
Introduction: SuperBots are modular, multifunctional, and reconfigurable robots [1]. They are an elegant example of "design for reuse" that can reduce cost and payload mass while enhancing mission performance, reliability, and safety through their ability to change shape and function as needed. Constructed of autonomous, intelligent, and self-reconfigurable(More)
In order to solve the problems of B-and C-type tool radius compensation method for convex contour in the high-speed cutting, this paper presents a new tool radius compensation algorithm with line and arc complex transition that is suitable to high-speed machining. The principles and compensation mathematical model are introduced, and a variety of connection(More)
The volume of ocean environmental data is extremely massive, which makes it inefficient to manage them in standard ways. This paper promotes a new method to handle this problem. It presents a non-standard method that stresses on query-oriented organization of the data. Then it describes in details of the distributed management of the data based on the new(More)
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