Wang Chengyuan

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Dielectric loss angle measurement has the error easily when noise ratio is low for short-term Fourier (STFT) interpolation harmonic analysis, easy to cover up real value. It shares the dielectric loss measurement method based on wiener filtering of wavelet transform region. Via the excellent time-frequency analysis tools of wavelet transform, we pick-up(More)
In order to explore the MRI volume of the amygdala and hippocampus in patients with major depression, quantititive MRI of the amygdala and hippocampus were studied in 22 patients with major depression and compared with 13 age-matched controls. The results showed that both groups exhibited similar significant hippocampal asymmetry (left smaller than right).(More)
This paper presents an investigation of direct thrust force control (DTFC) for permanent magnet linear synchronous motor because end-open structure of linear motor causes the special end-effect, which leads to new problems when the direct torque control (DTC) is applied to linear motors. It is theoretically illustrated that the principle of the DTC can be(More)
To explore the changes in MR findings of the bone marrow of vertebral bodies after radiation therapy, 55 subjects who had been on irradiation treatment were studied. Irradiation dosage ranged from 2100 cGy to 7500 cGy. The interval between radiotherapy and MR examination varied from 7 weeks to 20 years. On T1WI images (T1WI) signal intensity increase of the(More)
The value of combined application of both ECG-gated cine MRA and 3D-CEMRA in the detection of large intracranial aneurysms was evaluated and the findings were compared with those of conventional MRA and DSA. Twenty-four patients with 26 large intracranial aneurysms underwent MRI and DSA. All these aneurysms, diameter from 15 to 39 mm, were located at(More)
Based on temperature of stator winding and its rate of variety have characteristics of nonlinear and time frequency, which is hard to build precise mathematical model. A novel approach to identifying the induction motor stator resistance on line is presented. This method is based on the theory of the wavelet transform fuzzy neural network identification(More)
Based on distribution characteristics of the settlement of homogeneous soil under uniform distribution loads, a composite foundation system combined with walled and column form soil improvement was presented. In this raft foundation system, different column form soil improvements in size and depth are used, so to the ground rigidity distribution will nearly(More)
The utility of three-dimensional spoiled gradient recalled acquisition in steady state (3D-SPGR) imaging in the cerebral diseases was evaluated and 3D-SPGR after enhancement in depicting contrast enhancement of all lesions and 2D-SE T1WI comparatively analyzed. 117 patients were subjected to MRI by a GE 1. 5T MR system. After performance of axial T1WI and(More)
The cricoarytenoid relationship presented with spiral computed tomography was demonstrated and the reconstruction of arytenoid dislocation was presented by using multiplanar reconstruction algorithms. Fifteen patients with arytenoid dislocation documented by fiberoptic laryngoscopy and strobovideolaryngoscopy and 10 normal persons were displayed by spiral(More)
Es ist das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit, in einem Sequenzvergleich bei Patienten mit perianalen Fisteln zu untersuchen, ob die hochaufgelöste, kontrastmittelgestützte 3D-Gradientenecho-Technik sensitiver hinsichtlich Detektion von Fisteln und deren Komplikationen ist als die bisher eingesetzten Standarduntersuchungsprotokolle. 15 Patienten mit klinischem(More)
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