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In general, digital information resources can be categorized into three categories, text, voice (audio) and image (video). This article discusses a theoretical method of information visualization system and its corresponding technologies. The system is the results of the project (70473068) supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The(More)
To fulfill the requirements of complex analyzing of drilling analysis system, aim at the inability of analysis power which exists in traditional information system by database technology, a data-warehouse-based OLAP system has been analyzed and studied within this paper. In accordance with the characteristics of users (which are wild spread at international(More)
For the sake of complex analysis requirements of drilling fluid analysis system, this paper proposes a multidimensional data model and implement the solution of data mart due to the analyzing weaknesses of conventional information system. Since the database system is only applied to undertake the daily manipulating application of raw data, and supports(More)
This paper discusses the single-machine rescheduling problem with efficiency and stability as criteria, where more than one disruption arises in large-scale dynamic circumstances. Partial rescheduling (PR) strategy is adopted after each disruption and a rolling mechanism is driven by events in response to disruptions. Two kinds of objective functions are(More)
A hybrid decomposition method for molecular dynamics simulations was presented, using simultaneously spatial decomposition and force decomposition to fit the architecture of a cluster of symmetric multi-processor (SMP) nodes. The method distributes particles between nodes based on the spatial decomposition strategy to reduce inter-node communication costs.(More)
Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for mobile robots is critical to realize the fully autonomous navigation. In this paper a general framework of simultaneous localization and mapping is proposed for mobile robots. Sequentially every parts of the framework are designed in detail. Finally the feasibility of the proposed framework is verified by the(More)
The diversity and complexity of sediment particle images, has become a constraint major bottleneck problem of establishing the river sediment image segmentation, using sediment particle images with similar particle images in other areas can take advantage of same-sex classes of image processing to propose a morphology-based Otsu binarization algorithm, the(More)
Accurate identification of soil resistivity of dynamic grounding system is extremely important to define the operational safety and proper functioning of electric power system. Conventional methods can't achieve good result due to non-linearity of grounding system. To cope with the problem, a novel approach based on fuzzy modeling is proposed. In this(More)
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