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A novel ring antenna with pattern and frequency reconfigurability is proposed in this paper. Ring structure can increase the effective length of radiation element of an antenna within the finite dimension. The proposed antenna's dimension with respect to the operating frequency(2GHz and 2.4GHz) is 44mm×44mm. Three switches are used in the antenna to(More)
The study of reconfigurable antennas has made great progress in recent years. Compared with conventional antennas, reconfigurable antennas have more advantages and better prospects. They are lighter in weight, smaller in dimension and lower in price. Moreover, the reconfigurable antennas can provide diversity feature of operating resonant frequency,(More)
In this paper a novel barbell-shaped planar antenna for UWB application is proposed. The antenna, composed of two symmetrical fractal patch radiators and partially grounded plane which are used to realize the characteristic of ultra-wideband (UWB), can occupy about 3.95 GHz bandwidth (from 3.45 GHz to 7.40 GHz), which is equivalent to 73%. The symmetrical(More)
A new algorithm for jointly estimating the frequency, two-dimensional (2-D) direction of arrival (DOA) and range of near field sources is proposed. The proposed approach requires only four cumulant matrixes and two eigenvalue decomposition to estimate the four parameters and does not require searching for spectral peak or pairing among parameters. The(More)
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