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The 14 kD S-type lectin from human placenta may have a role in regulating the maternal immune response to fetal antigens. In this study, an immunoperoxidase technique was used to determine the distribution of the lectin at the human maternofetal interface. Tissue obtained during the first trimester of pregnancy and at term was used. The lectin was not(More)
In this review the authors recognise the growing contribution of obesity to problems in obstetrics and gynaecology. They then focus on methods to reduce complications in intrapartum and gynaecological care particularly in relation to operating on the obese woman. Strategies to reduce surgical morbidity are discussed including consideration of the site of(More)
Snoring is common in pregnancy, and snoring pregnant women have increased rates of pre-eclampsia. Patients with pre-eclampsia show upper airway narrowing during sleep. The present study aimed to compare upper airway dimensions in pregnant and nonpregnant women and in patients with pre-eclampsia. A total of 50 women in the third trimester of pregnancy and 37(More)
Pregnancy-induced hypertension may be regarded as a manifestation of endothelial-cell dysfunction. The role of the eNOS gene in the development of a familial pregnancy-induced hypertension was evaluated by analysis of linkage among affected sisters and in multiplex families (n = 50). Markers from a 4-cM region encoding the eNOS gene showed distortion from(More)
PURPOSE This study was undertaken to examine the longterm results of medical and surgical management for diverticulitis. METHODS A retrospective review of all patients admitted to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Virginia, between January 1991 and February 1994, was conducted. Of 78 patients included in the study, 65 were able to be contacted for(More)
The distribution of mannan binding protein (MBP) in blood donor sera was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to establish normal concentrations. Abnormally low MBP concentrations were found in 16% (21 out of 135) of female partners and 14% (15 out of 108) of male partners of couples experiencing recurrent miscarriage, compared with < 5% of(More)
A screening programme to detect cystic fibrosis heterozygotes has been running in the antenatal clinics of a major Edinburgh maternity hospital for more than 2 years. A questionnaire was used to assess participants' knowledge of the genetics of the disorder and their attitudes to being screened. The respondents were 64 female heterozygotes and 63 of their(More)
Striae gravidarum are a common finding in the abdominal skin of pregnant women. This study of 128 pregnant women examined factors which are associated with their occurrence. It is clear that women with higher body mass indices have more striae and that striae are also more common in younger women. These findings may be explained by the greater degrees of(More)
Pre-eclampsia is a common complication of the second half of pregnancy that is associated with substantial fetal and maternal morbidity. Although the genetic basis of the disorder is unclear, epidemiological studies suggest that it occurs predominantly in the first pregnancies of women who are homozygous for a relatively common susceptibility gene. Using(More)