Wang A Liston

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In order to distinguish between a maternal, fetal or maternal and fetal genetic predisposition towards severe pre-eclampsia, the first pregnancies of 158 mothers and 160 mothers-in-law of pre-eclamptic women and of matched controls were analysed. Fourteen per cent of mothers of pre-eclamptics were found to have had severe pre-eclampsia, confirming previous(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to investigate the putative association between immunoglobulin G antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis and recurrent spontaneous abortions. STUDY DESIGN Sera from 106 idiopathic recurrent aborters and 81 of their partners were tested for immunoglobulin G antichlamydial antibodies by whole inclusion immunofluorescence and compared(More)
This study aimed to assess the psychological impact of screening for cystic fibrosis (CF) carrier status in a population of pregnant women. A cohort of 1798 women, who accepted the offer of testing before 18 weeks of pregnancy, filled in a self administered questionnaire seeking information on their perceived risk of carrier status and their emotional(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the neuropathology of fetuses dying before birth, to determine the timing of any brain damage seen and to ascertain clinical associations of pre-existing brain damage. DESIGN Population-based observational study. SETTING All 22 delivery units within Scotland, 1995-1998. SAMPLE All stillborn fetuses > or =24 weeks of gestation(More)
OBJECTIVE To ascertain the views of general practitioners (GPs) about screening for cystic fibrosis. To find out whether and under what conditions they might play a part in the delivery of such programmes. SETTING All GP practices within the Lothian Health Board area. METHODS A self administered questionnaire was sent to each of the 532 GPs in the area.(More)
Pregnancy-induced hypertension may be regarded as a manifestation of endothelial-cell dysfunction. The role of the eNOS gene in the development of a familial pregnancy-induced hypertension was evaluated by analysis of linkage among affected sisters and in multiplex families (n = 50). Markers from a 4-cM region encoding the eNOS gene showed distortion from(More)
Snoring is common in pregnancy, and snoring pregnant women have increased rates of pre-eclampsia. Patients with pre-eclampsia show upper airway narrowing during sleep. The present study aimed to compare upper airway dimensions in pregnant and nonpregnant women and in patients with pre-eclampsia. A total of 50 women in the third trimester of pregnancy and 37(More)
PURPOSE This study was undertaken to examine the longterm results of medical and surgical management for diverticulitis. METHODS A retrospective review of all patients admitted to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Virginia, between January 1991 and February 1994, was conducted. Of 78 patients included in the study, 65 were able to be contacted for(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To examine whether snoring and sleepiness are linked in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia. PATIENTS AND METHODS We recruited 167 healthy and 82 pre-eclamptic women in the third trimester of pregnancy and 160 non-pregnant women. Subjects and their partners completed a sleep questionnaire. Height, weight, neck circumferences and blood(More)