Wanfang Shen

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In this paper, we discuss the relationship between multi-attribute utility theory and DEA models without explicit inputs (DEA-WEI), including dual models and some theoretical analysis of DEA-WEI models. We then propose generic DEA-WEI models with quadratic utility terms. Finally, we provide illustrative examples to show that DEA-WEI with suitable quadratic(More)
In this paper, a stochastic finite element approximation scheme is developed for an optimal control problem governed by an elliptic integro-differential equation with stochastic coefficients. Different from the well-studied optimal control problems governed by stochastic PDEs, our control problem has the control constraints of obstacle type, which is mostly(More)
In this paper, the mathematical formulation for a quadratic optimal control problem governed by a linear quasi-parabolic integro-differential equation is studied, the optimality conditions are derived, and then the a priori error estimate for its finite element approximation is given. Furthermore some numerical tests are performed to verify the theoretical(More)
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