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The use of the classic aromatic antiepileptic drugs (AAEDs) has recently been expanded to a broad spectrum of psychiatric and neurological disorders. However, the clinical use of these drugs is(More)
Idiosyncratic hepatotoxicity is a well-known complication associated with aromatic antiepileptic drugs (AAED), and it has been suggested to occur due to the accumulation of toxic arene oxide(More)
We have designed a microemulsion (ME) containing Ketoprofen (KET) for anti-inflammatory effect evaluated using the rat paw edema model. The ME was prepared by adding propylene glycol (PG) loaded with(More)
PDT has been used in the treatment of malignant brain tumors for the last 2 decades. It is based on the interaction of a photosensitizer (PS) and light of an appropriate wavelength, with generation(More)
Celecoxib (CXB) is a widely used anti-inflammatory drug that also acts as a chemopreventive agent against several types of cancer, including skin cancer. As the long-term oral administration of CXB(More)
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