Wanderley da Silva Paganini

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A few cases of Plasmodium vivax malaria in which anophelines of subgenus Kerteszia were incriminated as vectors have been reported outside the Amazon region, in the Atlantic Forest. This study was carried out near an indigenous Guarani village in the Curucutu reserve, an environmental protection area in the municipality of Itanhaém in the state of São(More)
Phosphorus is a nutrient with finite and non-renewable sources, the speed of exploitation of which is currently far higher than the rates of return to its natural cycle. It is already being predicted that available and known sources will soon be exhausted, with serious and irreversible economic, social and environmental impacts. In this context, this study(More)
This work seeks to discuss the presence of phosphorus in raw sewage considering the formulation of the powder detergent for cleaning fabrics currently sold in Brazil. Based on the results of laboratory analyses performed in the sewage inflows to three wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) located in São Paulo state, it evaluates the different fractions of(More)
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