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  • Andrea Astill, Ben Ayers, +12 authors Isabel Wang
Managers often explain their earnings forecasts by linking forecasted performance to their internal actions and the actions of parties external to the firm. These attributions potentially aid investors in the interpretation of management forecasts by confirming known relationships between attributions and profitability or by identifying additional causes(More)
Minnesota for their insightful comments. All errors are our responsibility. Abstract We relate the performance of mutual fund trades to their motivation. A fund manager who believes that a stock is significantly mispriced will want to trade in its shares. However, heavy investor outflows (inflows) will constrain the manager by forcing him or her to control(More)
The use of broad equity-based compensation for employees in the lower ranks of an organization is a puzzle for standard economic theory: any positive incentive effects should be diminished by free rider problems, and undiversified employees should discount company equity heavily. We point out that employees do not appear to value company stock as prescribed(More)
This paper studies the mutual fund industry in 56 countries and examines where this financial innovation has flourished. The fund industry is larger in countries with stronger rules, laws, and regulations, and specifically where mutual fund investors' rights are better protected. The industry is also larger in countries with wealthier and more educated(More)
We examine whether mutual funds change their names to take advantage of current hot investment styles, and what effects these name changes have on inf lows to the funds, and to the funds' subsequent returns. We find that the year after a fund changes its name to ref lect a current hot style, the fund experiences an average cumulative abnormal f low of 28%,(More)
To study the beginning stages of expertise, 14 students. who were inexperienced with ballads, heard and recalled a series of 5 ballads over the course of 5 weeks. Compared with their first recall of the first ballad, their first recall of the fifth ballad had one and a half times as many words, two times as many rhyming words, and three times as much line(More)
Introduction: From the late 1960s until now, lunar soil particle size distributions have typically been determined by sieving—sometimes dry, and at other times with fluids such as water or Freon [1-15]. Laser diffraction instruments allow rapid assessment of particle size distribution, and eventually may replace sieve measurements. However, when measuring(More)
This paper reveals that brokers and financial advisors ultimately serve as the true decision makers behind investments into load funds. In terms of the current SEC investigation as to whether they have abused their influence on investors, when there exists conflict of interests, brokers and financial advisors apparently serve their own interests by guiding(More)
The perception of gradually changing luminance distributions was investigated. Luminance changed across the radius of a disk by a linear, quadratic, or cubic function with varying magnitudes. Subjects selected matching luminances for the inner and outer edges of each stimulus. The threshold for reporting that the inner and outer matches were different(More)
We model two dimensions of bank globalization – bank nationality (a bank from the firm's host nation, its home nation, or a third nation) and bank reach (a global, regional, or local bank) using a two-stage nested multinomial logit model. Our data set includes over 2,000 foreign affiliates of multinational corporations operating in 20 European nations. We(More)
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