Wanda T. Wallace

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To study the beginning stages of expertise, 14 students. who were inexperienced with ballads, heard and recalled a series of 5 ballads over the course of 5 weeks. Compared with their first recall of the first ballad, their first recall of the fifth ballad had one and a half times as many words, two times as many rhyming words, and three times as much line(More)
Chemical reactivity of transition metal clusters toward various molecules in gas phase has been a subject of numerous investigations , 1,2 motivated by search of analogues to adsorption mechanisms and reactivity at bulk metal surfaces. However, the full catalytic cycle, involving detection of a product molecule XY, as a result of reaction between reactants(More)
  • Distribution B L Cooper, D S Mckay, W T Wallace, C P Gonzalez
  • 2011
Introduction: From the late 1960s until now, lunar soil particle size distributions have typically been determined by sieving—sometimes dry, and at other times with fluids such as water or Freon [1-15]. Laser diffraction instruments allow rapid assessment of particle size distribution, and eventually may replace sieve measurements. However, when measuring(More)
We separated the respirable dust and other size fractions from Apollo 14 bulk sample 14003,96 in a dry nitrogen environment. While our toxicology team performed in vivo and in vitro experiments with the respirable fraction, we studied the size distribution and shape, chemistry, mineralogy, spectroscopy, iron content and magnetic resonance of various size(More)
The perception of gradually changing luminance distributions was investigated. Luminance changed across the radius of a disk by a linear, quadratic, or cubic function with varying magnitudes. Subjects selected matching luminances for the inner and outer edges of each stimulus. The threshold for reporting that the inner and outer matches were different(More)
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