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Intestinal permeability was assessed in 12 healthy cats by use of a differential sugar absorption test. A 50-ml isotonic aqueous solution containing a combination of 1.8 g of the disaccharide lactulose and 1.7 g of the monosaccharide mannitol was administered to cats via nasogastric tube. Urine was collected after 6 hours, and all urine samples were(More)
Background. Chronic or persistent pain and disability following noncatastrophic "musculoskeletal" (MSK) trauma is a pervasive public health problem. Recent intervention trials have provided little evidence of benefit from several specific treatments for preventing chronic problems. Such findings may appear to argue against formal targeted intervention for(More)
A commercially available ELISA designed for the detection of C trachomatis in human urogenital specimens was compared with cell culture for the detection of Chlamydia psittaci in cat conjunctival swabs and in twofold dilutions of a cell culture pool of a feline strain of C psittaci. Cell culture was more sensitive than the ELISA test for detection of C(More)
In 90 cats with naturally occurring feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) infection, the clinicopathologic changes seen at the time of first diagnosis of FIV infection included lymphopenia (29%), neutrophilia (27%), monocytosis (23%), anemia (18%), leukocytosis (13%), leukopenia (13%), neutropenia (11%), hyperproteinemia (38%), and hyperglobulinemia (25%).(More)
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